An attractive and clean smile can provide a big impact on one’s confidence and more often contributes to improving great positive results in the aspects of career and relationships. Indeed, in one of the surveys which 5,500 men and women participated in, more than half of singles chose teeth as the most important characteristic for a potential date. It turned out that single men and women are looking for the same asset when it comes to their prospective dates: Straight and white teeth.

There are number of ways and technologies nowadays to whiten teeth aside from the do-it-yourself remedies. Check this out:

  1.    Whitening toothpaste

–    It contains mild abrasive to gently polish,remove surface stains and lighten teeth’s color by about one shade, although getting a professional treatment from your Newport Beach dentist  Dr. Anthony Rich,DDS can make your teeth three to eight shades lighter.

  1.    Over-the-counter whitening strips and gels

–    Gels are peroxide-based gels with a small brush that is directed to the surface of your  teeth. Results vary after a few days of use and needs to be sustained for about 4 months.

–    Strips are very thin, usually invisibly coated with a peroxide-based whitening gel. It should be applied twice daily for 30 minutes for about 2 weeks.


  1.   Whitening rinses

–    It is the newest whitening product available in the market. It’s like a mouthwash which you need to swish around the mouth for 60 seconds twice a day as it freshens breath, helps reduce dental plaque and prevents gum diseases too. This has hydrogen peroxide that helps whiten teeth and the best results may be achieved after 12 weeks.


  1. Clinic bleaching

Clinic bleaching is considered to be the quickest way to whiten teeth. Dramatic results can be seen in a treatment which typically last 30 to 60-minutes so get it from a professional Newport Beach dentist, like Dr. Anthony Rich, DDS.


See your Newport Beach dentist and get your teeth bleached twice a year to achieve the perfect smile that is sure to boost your self-confidence and project the image of someone who has good hygiene and health.