Crowns are fixed prosthetic device that is cemented onto existing teeth or it can be implanted by a dentist.
It is commonly used to cover or “cap” a damaged tooth to restore its shape and size, strength and improve its appearance.
While crowns can be used to attach bridges and protect a weak tooth from breaking, your Newport Beach dentist‘s primary concern, like yours, is to help keep your teeth healthy and maintain that bright smile. Your dentist will usually recommend a dental crown in the following situation:

  • protecting a weak or cracked tooth from decay
  • restoring a broken or a fractured tooth that has been worn down severely
  • replacing a large filling when there is not a lot of tooth left
  • attaching or holding a dental bridge
  • dental implants
  • mask tooth discoloration or a poorly shaped tooth

With its wide range of cosmetic and restorative uses, made from a stainless steel all metal from like gold or alloy, porcelain fused to metal, all resin or all ceramics, Your dentist will ensure that dental crowns are the appropriate size, shape, and color for you.

What You Should Do

Dental crown placement typically requires two visits to your dentist to prepare it. Your dentist will suggest a few precautions to follow until a permanent crown is ready.

  • You should avoid foods that could potentially grab or pull your dental crown off like chewing gums or caramels.
  • Chew the food opposite to where the crown is placed.
  • Minimize eating hard foods like raw vegetables etc. as this may dislodge or break the crown.


What Should You Expect After the Procedure

There are some important things to be considered that your dentist wants you to be aware of after the procedure.

  • A Discomfort and sensitivity immediately after the anesthesia begins to wear off.
  • Crowns made of porcelain may sometimes chip.
  • When cement washes out under the crown, it may become loose and cause bacteria to leak in.
  • A tendency of crowns to fall off if the fit is improper, or it lacks glue, or a slight tooth holds it.
  • Allergic reactions because of the mixture of metals.

In the event of experiencing prolonged pain and or inflammation of the gums, immediately consult a dentist in Newport Beach like Dr. Anthony Rich, DDS.