Everybody knows that without proper dental care, problems like pain, cavities, and unsightly tooth damage can occur.  But there’s even more reasons to seek out the best Newport Beach dentist.  Did you know regular dental care and cleanings can actually improve the health of your entire body?


How Lack Of Dental Care Can Make You Sicker

Why do dentists work with such care to remove plaque from your teeth?  Over time, a buildup of plaque and tartar will cause inflammation in your oral tissues.  This can be painful in your mouth, producing sensitive gums and eventually cavities.  But even without dental pain, inflammation can still harm you, because inflammation anywhere in the body affects the entire body.  Did you know that oral inflammation can worsen:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Sleep apnea
  • Dementia
  • Risk of premature birth

…and more?


Does Cleaning Your Teeth Make You Healthier?

In a trial made using toothpaste that had been formulated to contain a plaque-identifying ingredient, those who had the plaque-identifying toothpaste were motivated to brush their teeth more carefully (because they could see what they needed to remove).  Surprisingly, after the trial was over, the group who had brushed more carefully had a drop in systemic inflammation, measured by a blood test.  Simple, thorough tooth brushing can have profoundly positive effects on your health.  Because most people can’t clean all of their teeth adequately themselves, however, regular visits to your dentist for cleaning and exams are still very important.


What If You Have A Cavity?

Cavities are unsightly and can be painful, but you may be wondering whether a cavity in a back molar really affects your health all that much as long as it doesn’t hurt.  Many people know that cavities are caused by bacteria, but haven’t realized that the body treats that bacteria the way it would any infection, by activating the immune system and increasing your inflammation.  Once again, treating the cavity and resolving the bacterial problem can alleviate the burden on your immune system and make your whole body more resilient.  If you value your health, think twice before putting off a cavity repair.

As the year turns, many people will be focusing on their health in the gym.  Why stress your heart, joints, and immune system by ignoring the health of your teeth?  Set an appointment for a cleaning and exam today–it’s easier than a date with a treadmill, and just as important.



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