A sinus infection and a toothache are obviously two different things. However, the symptoms are somewhat the same, so one is often mistaken for the other. There are days when your tooth hurts, and you go to your dentist to find out that there is actually nothing wrong with any of your teeth.

So how do we know if we’re suffering from a toothache or a sinus pressure? Well, you’re about to find out.

Pain in the maxillaries or upper teeth may be a sinus infection, or maybe not. This is why it is very important to know the difference.

The symptoms of a dental abscess or a toothache are the following:


-Bad taste in the mouth



-Tenderness and redness of the gums


While the symptoms of sinusitis are:

-Runny nose

-Sore throat



-Throbbing pain behind the cheekbones

-Discharge down your throat



There is a little pain on both sides of your face when you have a sinus-related tooth pain. If you experience immediate pain, it is most likely a toothache. The best way, however, to determine whether it is a sinus-related pressure or a toothache is through a dental radiograph. It is sinus pressure if the radiogram will show healthy teeth with cloudy sinuses while a radiogram will show dental issues if it is a toothache.

How Can You Relieve a toothache which causes Sinus Infection?

The key is to open up your sinuses through any of the following:

*Eating spicy foods like hot red peppers, jalapenos or horseradish which have mucus-thinning properties

*Taking decongestants either orally or nasally

*Drink plenty of fluids especially water and coconut water as the latter has anti-dehydrating electrolytes

*Taking expectorants to expel mucus

*Taking antihistamines if the sinus infection is due to allergy

*Steam exposure to open up your sinus cavities

Whether or not it’s a sinusitis or a toothache, you still need to see your Newport Beach dentist as any sign of discomfort means something is not right. You need to make an appointment with your dentist if the pain does not go away for days. Have your teeth checked and do not let yourself go through such pain anymore.