If you have been wondering whether you can get back your perfect smile or not, we have good news for you! Getting your perfect Hollywood smile on a budget is totally possible. Often you don’t need too much to have your perfect smile back, just an affordable cosmetic treatment. It’s that easy!


Tiny issues like a chip or a flaw in a tooth or an uneven edge can detract you from your perfect look. The good news is, you can always have a quick fix for you to get a complete makeover. Cosmetic dentistry is popular over a long period of time and makes it easier for everyone to fix even small issues. Yes, we are talking about affordable cosmetic treatments. Common dental cosmetic treatments include tooth recontouring, teeth whitening, and teeth bonding. The dentist Newport Beach like F. Anthony Rich, DDS is providing on-budget yet effective cosmetic treatments like these guaranteed to provide you outstanding transformation of your beautiful smile.


Let’s dig deeper into each of them.


Dental Bonding


If you’re looking for an ideal solution to fix the gap between your teeth or cracks and chips in your teeth due to accidents, dental bonding is perfect for you. Dental bonding involves the application of material that has the same color as your teeth. It repairs broken parts and serves as space fillers between your teeth. Dental bonding is the least invasive dental cosmetic treatment.


The following are the steps included in dental bonding:


  • The first step is the removal of plaque or bacteria.
  • Next, “etching” the tooth with an acidic gel that will open up the pores in the tooth’s dentin. It makes the composite materials stick to the tooth/teeth securely.
  • After washing off the etching gel, the composite resin is applied in a thin layer, which is then exposed to light. The resin will penetrate the open pores of the tooth and harden there, providing a strong basis for the new structure.
  • Once the first layer finishes curing, additional layers are added until the tooth is back to its ideal thickness.
  • When the last layer of resin dries, the dentist Newport Beach will reshape the tooth slightly to give it the perfect form, then cleans and polishes it.      


The best part is, the cost of dental bonding is just a fraction of the dental veneers price so you don’t have to stress about the cost.  Plus, it requires no numbing prior to the operation. You will be relaxed and comfortable during the entire procedure. However, if you are a little bit nervous, you can get nitrous oxide sedation to make you relaxed- which is definitely affordable. Don’t worry, it is reversible, and you can drive back to your home afterward without any feeling of dizziness or discomfort.


Professional Teeth Whitening


In our list of the three most affordable cosmetic treatments, second, comes professional teeth whitening. Over the years, your teeth gradually get yellowish stains which can no longer be removed with normal or usual brushing. There are multiple causes of stains on teeth; it can be due to smoking, smokeless tobacco, or poor dental hygiene.


Most people visit the dentist for teeth whitening treatment to remove the yellowish stain. Teeth whitening is a one-visit process where the dentist whitens your teeth in just 1- 1 ½ hour. The professional whitening procedure significantly whitens teeth. The same result cannot be achieved by any over-the-counter product.


Following up on your at-home whitening kit will guarantee your treatment lasts for a good while. Since you don’t have to pay for the new store kit every time, the teeth whitening treatment you underwent practically pays for itself. To help your kit last longer, keep it in the refrigerator that way you won’t have to buy it often.


Teeth recontouring


Tooth recontouring is the removal of uneven tiny tooth edges with a drill to give the tooth an appealing shape. This treatment is selected when the tooth structure is too much, and bonding cannot help correct the issue. After shaping the tooth structure, it is polished using a disc. This procedure of tooth recontouring is often recommended for the front teeth canines and incisors, which are most visible while smiling.


Cosmetic issues that can be modified with tooth contouring include small chips, uneven tooth structure, slight overlaps, and tooth edges that are too flattened. It can even be used to correct minor bite problems from teeth touching unequally during contact. Anyhow, the dentist would not reshape your teeth if any bite imbalances could result from it. Instead, the dentist would recommend one of several other highly effective cosmetic dental measures.


Your smile is an asset for your health, well-being, and how you face the world from day to day. There are countless reasons to see a dentist Newport Beach for affordable cosmetic treatment that includes dental bonding, teeth whitening, tooth recontouring, and more. Professional dentist Newport beach like F. Anthony Rich, DDS is well-trained, and he can answer any of your queries when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Plan your visit now, go see F. Anthony Rich, DDS to bring back your perfect smile.