Strong gums and teeth always go together, and your Newport Beach dentist is as likely to talk to you about gum health as they are the health of your teeth. The prevention of gum disease is something that should never be far from your mind as you’re admiring your smile in the mirror. That’s because gum disease is often painless, so you might not have any indication that you have contracted it. There are things that you can do, though, which will make it less likely that you will suffer from this affliction.


Gum Disease: What It Looks Like


If you want to be vigilant about gum disease, Newport Beach residents, you can watch for it even when you’re months away from your next dentist appointment. Gum disease starts when plaque forms gingivitis, which causes the gums to be swollen, red, or prone to bleeding. They might also be inflamed or tender. The damage is reversible, though, if you catch it in the early stages, so if you’re noticing any of this, then you should schedule a dentist appointment immediately.  


How to Prevent It


As for how to prevent gum disease, probably the first thing that a Newport Beach dentist is going to recommend is flossing. Flossing gets out much of the residual food particles that are stuck between your teeth that could be causing damage to your gums if they are left there for extended periods. You can floss any time of the day, in the morning, at night, whatever is convenient for you.


You should also get regular dental cleanings. If you see your dentist regularly, then they will be able to detect the early signs of gum disease. It’s when you put off seeing a dentist for many months or even multiple years that you start to run the risk of advanced gum disease taking hold.


You can also quit smoking, or if you’ve never taken it up, don’t start. Smoking is a terrible thing as it relates to oral health. Many studies have linked smoking directly to gum disease, not to mention dozens of other problems. When you smoke, it weakens your immune system, which makes it much easier for gum disease to spread quickly once it gets started.


You should take gum disease seriously, Newport Beach residents. If it’s something that starts and then isn’t treated, it’s going to make your life miserable someday down the line. Brush twice daily in addition to flossing, and see your dentist every six months without fail. They can spot the warning signs of gum disease, and if they catch it early enough, then the treatment will be much easier than if the condition has progressed further.