While models and celebrities may sport pearly white teeth, but the smile of an ordinary person turn a tad duller. However, this should not be too surprising. There are so many things that can affect your teeth and turn into yellow. As a result, you may feel self-conscious about how you look, and you are too hesitant to smile. 

If stains and yellowing on your teeth bother you, I have good news for you! Teeth yellowing is very common, and you can remove it easily. Hold on. It is not as easy as you think! There are many causes of teeth stains – often it can be due to heredities, injury, or stains from foods and drinks. Staining occurs over time. Yellowing occurs with passing age even if your dental hygiene routine has been amazing.

The Newport Beach dentist suggests that teeth whitening and elimination of some of this discoloration is possible. But, it always comes with some drawbacks. Many teeth whitening approaches can cause damage to the teeth and the oral cavity. Therefore, it is essential that we also take an all-natural approach to dental health, including teeth whitening as we become more aware of the foods we eat and the supplements we take.

The conventional whitening procedures are filled with chemicals that can interrupt the oral microbiome and can hurt the gums. Some natural teeth whitening methods can also damage the teeth, that includes enamel erosion and causing more damage—and discoloration—in the future.

Teeth become less white as they age, and it is a natural process. Some people turn to the organic and home remedies to get rid of the yellow teeth. Before discussing the effective and safe teeth whitening method, let’s get some knowledge about how teeth become discolored in the first place.

What Really Causes Dental Stains and Yellow Teeth?

A tooth has two essential parts—the non-living tooth (enamel) and the living part of the tooth (dentin). Multiple factors can impact either the enamel or the dentin of the tooth, causing varying degrees of discoloration. Reach out to the Newport Beach dentist to know what is the cause of your teeth yellowing. 


Dentin normally yellows as it ages. There are not any right approaches to brighten the inward part of the tooth. Teeth seem progressively yellow as they get older. It is due to the outer enamel of the tooth that acts like a window that mirrors the shade of the internal dentin. 


Grinding can rashly age the teeth, prompting early yellowing among different issues. When you grind your teeth, the power causes untimely ripening and contracting of the dentin that turns your teeth yellow.

Dental trauma

Like crushing, injury from falling or mishaps can make harm the tooth that outcomes in quickened aging and yellowing.

Poor diet

Not having sufficient nourishment can likewise be a reason for untimely tooth aging, as all parts of the body—including the teeth—experience the ill effects of an absence of nutrients and supplements that can bolster ideal wellbeing and forestall aging. What’s more, obviously, aging teeth seem increasingly yellow.

Foods and drinks

Unlike dentin, that moves toward becoming stained from age and injury, the enamel is regularly recolored from the sustenances and beverages we consume. Normally, profoundly pigmented substances like wine, tea, espresso, and tobacco, causing the most harm. For these sorts of stains, teeth brightening items—and even a vigorous cleaning at the dental specialist’s office—can turn around a portion of these stains and help up the veneer of teeth.

Side effects of teeth whitening methods

If you ever notice your teeth are a little yellower than you’d like, or you see that your favorite red wine is leaving an unwanted stain, you might need to attempt a conventional teeth whitener. Unfortunately, some of the teeth whitening procedures like laser or halogen brightening, are bad for your teeth. What’s more, even teeth brightening strips can have a bad impact if not utilized appropriately.

Over-the-counter teeth whitening kits can lead to many problems such as uneven whitening and the tissue irritation caused by the whitening solution that comes with the kid. It is quite challenging to select a safe product since the FDA doesn’t regulate teeth whiteners.

On the other hand, you might be keen on natural teeth brightening, and you may have found out about utilizing apple juice vinegar, strawberries, or heating soft drink to brighten teeth. Sadly, the possibility of these techniques is the consequence of the acids in the items consuming the top layer of enamel while that procedure will uncover all the enamel pores prompting further yellowing and harm to your teeth.

That being said, the question is: Are there natural teeth brightening alternatives that are both safe and compelling?

And the answer is, a YES!!!

Prevention & treatment 

The best treatment for your yellow teeth is paying attention to what you drink and eat. Quit smoking if you are an avid smoker. Visit your dentist twice a year and practice good dental hygiene because the most common cause of yellowing is poor oral hygiene. That’s because when plaque and tartar build up, it causes the teeth to appear yellow. 

Whatever is the cause of teeth whitening, make sure you get the best treatment to ensure better oral health. Reach out to the Newport Beach dentist if you are struggling with teeth yellowing!