While most babies are luckily born without teeth, eventually every parent has to decide when to bring their child in for their first visit with their dentist Newport Beach.  Nobody wants to waste money or time, so many parents are hesitant to schedule the first appointment.  Here’s a quick rundown to help you decide whether your child is ready for their checkup:

  1. Has Your Child Turned One?

It can seem early, but there are significant benefits to bringing your child in for their first dental visit when they turn one.  This first visit allows the dentist to catch any lurking problems (such as cavities from night-time bottle use, for example) and to help your child learn that the dentist’s office is a friendly, non-threatening place.

  1. Does Your Child Snack?

Let’s face it: most children snack.  They’re still growing, after all! Nighttime snacking, however, can lead to a significant risk of cavities, especially in molars, which most kids aged 6+ find difficult to brush adequately by themselves.  It’s important to establish dental care when your child enters school, if you haven’t done so earlier.

  1. Did You Or Your Spouse Have Braces?

At about age seven, most dentist want to conduct an orthodontic evaluation.  While many people think of braces as something for older children, it’s often important to start before the skull and jaw bones have grown too much.  This can help ensure straighter teeth and a lovely smile, with fewer interventions and less pain.

Regular dental care is a gift that you can give your child that will help support their health and self-esteem for the rest of their life.  Oral infections can cause all sorts of damage elsewhere in the body, not to mention causing a great deal of pain and difficulty with chewing, talking, and even smiling.

Dentists want all of our clients to be comfortable and happy when they come to our offices for care.  If you’ll partner with us, together we can make sure that your child never has to dread going to the dentist.



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