In some cases, a Newport Beach dentist will be able to tell from a very young age that your child is going to need corrective braces for their teeth at some juncture. Some kids are lucky, and their teeth grow in perfectly, but just as many times there is at least some imperfection or crookedness that is going to be a cause for braces.


The question is, how old does a child have to be before they can get those braces? It’s not something to which any child is going to be looking forward, but if they get it taken care of when they’re still young, the chances of them having a bright smile and even teeth in adulthood are much higher.


Common Thinking as it Relates to Braces


It is recommended that children in Newport Beach start going to see an orthodontist at age 7. At this point, most of them will not yet be ready for treatment. However, these early screenings indicate what treatment is going to be needed in the future, and your dentist will probably suggest this if they start to see any crooked teeth coming in or other abnormalities when they examine your child.


The time to get braces is going to be when your child’s baby teeth have all fallen out, and their permanents have come in. This is usually around age 12-13 for boys and age 11-12 for girls. Of course, braces are not just for kids. If you have grown to adulthood and your teeth are still crooked, you can get them repaired with braces regardless of your age. If you leave the issue untreated then it’s probably going to mean ongoing problems for your teeth and gums, so don’t think that it’s just a cosmetic issue.


How Long Must Your Child Wear Them?


Your kids are going to be quick to ask the Newport Beach dentist about how long they’ll need to wear the braces. They’re likely going to feel self-conscious about them, and the time that they have them on might seem like an eternity.


However, in reality, the average time that a child (or an adult) has to wear braces is less than two years. It’s dealt with quickly enough, and then the individual can start enjoying life with straight, perfectly aligned teeth.


The technology surrounding braces has advanced quite a bit over the years, and now wearing them is not a huge deal, despite what your child might tell you. In some cases, your dental insurance will help you with the cost, and many Newport Beach dentists are also flexible about their payment plans. Your child will thank you when they get older and their teeth are straight, so look into braces for your kids if it’s what your dentist recommends.