Got a gap? Even adults may lose a tooth sometimes, whether it’s caused by a physical accident, decay, tobacco use, or age.

Losing a tooth may be a common problem even to adults. This may be caused by a lot of things like tooth decay, smoking, age, and accident.

You may think a missing tooth is just a minor cosmetic problem but in reality, there is more to it than just a gap in your smile. You have to talk to your dentist to replace it immediately. Here’s why:

HEALTH – Food becomes difficult to chew when you have missing tooth/teeth. Nuts, meats, fruits, and vegetables are essential to get enough nutrition, but it is going to be really hard to chew if you have missing teeth.

STRENGTH – The bone under the tooth gets weaker when one loses a tooth. Like our muscles, the bone starts to atrophy when you stop using it. But by replacing a tooth, your bones in your mouth will keep doing the purpose and stay healthy.

QUALITY OF LIFE – People can easily become self-conscious about their physical appearance especially when they go out to socialize. Having a gap in your smile might make you avoid the activities you usually enjoy.

Good thing is… You do not need to worry about it as there are so many advances in Dentistry that can give you different options to bring back that beautiful smile:

DENTAL IMPLANTS are absolutely the best choice for tooth replacement because they are basically installed in your jawbone, which provides a strong support for your tooth. Once an implant is installed, you can easily add bridges, crown or even dentures. The only consequence is it will take really long to recover. But then again, implants usually last the rest of your lifetime.

BRIDGE is a replacement tooth that is attached to neighboring healthy teeth. This one gives out the most natural-looking result. This helps prevent bone loss, and it also stops your teeth from shifting because of the gap left by the lost tooth. They last for years, but at some point, they have to be replaced as well.

DENTURES are used if you are replacing more than just one tooth. If you are missing a few teeth, you have to use Partial Dentures. They should fit against the roof of your mouth that has false teeth. They have clips that are being attached to healthy teeth so that they’d stay in place. Complete dentures are used when you need to replace the whole arch of your teeth. The plate is held in place by suction. They are colored to look just like your natural teeth.

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