There are lots of dental problems that can occur, and while some of them are merely unpleasant to look at, others can be painful. That’s why you need to be sure you have an excellent dentist Newport Beach. In this article, we’ll talk about a few dental problems for which a dentist can help you.

A Common Injury: The Chipped Tooth

It’s rare that someone goes through their entire life without chipping a tooth. It can happen so many different ways: it might be a sports injury, or you might bite into some corn on the cob the wrong way. There are various options for how your dentist is going to take care of the problem. If the chip is large, then a crown might be the way to go. Using a strong resin material as a bonding agent can also work. If the chip is more severe, you could be looking at a root canal and then a crown or veneer.


Making An Impact

An impacted tooth is when an adult tooth does not come in as it should. The most common scenario is when it becomes stuck against soft tissue, bone, or another tooth. It’s possible the dentist will suggest leaving things as they are if the tooth in question is not causing you any pain. If it’s likely to cause problems later on, or it’s hurting you now, then extraction is the most common solution.


Cold Sensitivity

This is another common problem, and there could be several causes. Exposed roots, gum disease, fractured teeth, or cavities could all make for an unpleasant experience when you’re taking a cold drink of soda or a lick from an ice cream cone. There are different options for treatment here too. You might need to have some gum tissue replaced, or you might need a root canal or a filling. If the situation is not severe, then a fluoride gel or a desensitizing toothpaste might be all that’s required.


Cracked Tooth

This is similar to a chipped tooth but is usually a more serious injury. Again, it might come in any number of ways, from eating to accidentally getting struck with an object. To prevent the crack from getting worse, many dentists will recommend a crown in this circumstance. If the crack is over the gum line, then both a crown and a root canal might be in order. If the crack is deep, the tooth might have to be pulled.

Although there are many dental issues that can arise, there are equally many solutions. Modern dentistry has more options for treating painful or uncomfortable dental problems than ever before, so stop in and see your dentist today. Your mouth will thank you.