If you’re selecting a new dentist in Newport Beach, then you certainly aren’t going to want to pick a random one and hope for the best. Like a primary physician, a dentist has a critical job as it relates to you: they’re going to be taking care of your teeth and gums, and if they do it poorly then it can potentially cause you pain and suffering. Because of that, you should look for the following qualities that make up a good dentist.


Attention to Detail


The best dentists are detail-oriented. That means that when they look over your X-rays, teeth, and gums, they should immediately notice anything that is unusual or merits further study or discussion.


They should be able to recognize the weakness or discoloration which signals that a cavity is about to form, and they should notice if the teeth in your mouth are shifting so that you can talk about what needs to be done. They should be able to recognize the signs of oral cancer and other ailments, and they should generally be meticulous about their dealings with their patients.


A Sense of Humor


It can be tough dealing with certain Newport Beach dental patients. That’s probably because going to the dentist can be a stressful experience, and you might not be in your best form when you feel anxious or out of your element.


A dentist should therefore be able to afford a patient a little latitude if they aren’t in the best mood. That’s not to say that any patient should be abusive of their dentist, but rather that dentists who have a sense of humor and a cheerful disposition are preferable when compared to those who are ill-tempered all the time.


The Proper Education


It stands to reason that the best dentists in Newport Beach are the ones who have had the most education, so do some research about your potential new dentist online before you go to see them. Look into their background to make sure that they have the proper certifications and also that they seem to have continued their educations as they have been practicing.


No dentist, doctor, or other medical professionals should ever be content to rest on their laurels. Ideally, you would like to be the patient of a dentist who has continued going to conferences, taken classes, and done all that they can to stay on the cutting edge of their profession.


Has the Right Staff


In addition to the dentist themselves, Newport Beach residents should feel a lot better when they become patients of a dental practice where the receptionists, hygienists, etc. are also friendly, skilled, and knowledgeable. If the staff of a dentist’s office is not well trained, then it reflects poorly on the dentist, no matter how professional they are. Your assessment of a dental practice should include everyone on staff.


Has an Adequate Facility


As for the facility out of which the dentist is operating, it should be spotless, well lit, and located somewhere that you have no problems going. If your dentist’s office is down a dark alley in a bad neighborhood then obviously you won’t feel comfortable going there.


The waiting area of the dentist’s office should have a TV for you to watch as you wait, some music piped in, and some current magazines for you to read. A water fountain and a bathroom would be ideal. The wait times to see the dentist should not be too long, and everything that you’re experiencing from the minute you walk in the door should make you feel comfortable.


Delivers Results


The best dentist in Newport Beach is also the one who delivers results, no matter what is happening with your teeth and gums. If all you’re there for is a cleaning, then that should be accomplished in a timely fashion, and you should experience no pain during the proceedings.


If you need an extraction or some other kind of oral surgery, then the dentist should be able to explain to you in simple terms exactly what is going on and what actions need to be taken. They should then be able to execute the procedure with no more pain than what is necessary.


In addition, a good dentist should have the skills and know-how so that they do not misdiagnose a problem. Nothing is worse than when surgery is done that didn’t need to take place, or when the wrong procedure ends up happening. By selecting a skilled professional dentist who has plenty of experience, it makes it unlikely that will ever occur.


Flexible Payment Options


Finally, the right Newport Beach dentist for you is going to be the one who takes several different insurances, checks, various credit cards, etc. If you need to get an expensive procedure done, they should let you pay off the bill in installments if you can’t cover it all at once and your insurance does not pay for it.


They should be understanding if you need to cancel an appointment at the last minute if there is a genuine emergency.  Your dentist should have no trouble seeing you on short notice if you break a tooth or there is some other calamity that needs looking after immediately.


Many of the dentists in Newport Beach check all these categories, so you should look around and find a suitable option if you don’t yet have one. Like your doctor, it is highly likely that you will have a relationship with your dentist for many years. There is no reason to continue seeing someone who you don’t like or who doesn’t give you the results that you want.  


Remember that you have no obligation to see any particular dentist. You are the one who is bringing business to them, so you have every right to demand excellent service. Your oral health is too important for you to settle for a second-rate dentist, so find a good one and stick with them.