If you’ve been to the Newport Beach dentist and you’ve gotten a crown or a bridge put in to fix a broken or missing tooth, then you’re probably proud of your new smile. Now you need to protect it. In this guide, we’ll talk about how you’ll get the longest life from your crowns and bridges.

Watch Out For Accumulated Food Particles


Dental bridges are meant to fit against the gumline seamlessly. However, every once in a while a device will be poorly fitted, in which case there will be an open space between the bridge and the gum. Bone resorption can also play a part in this. If either happens, food particles become lodged in that space.


If you’re unable to clean those spots effectively, bacteria and food debris will get trapped in your mouth. This is problematic because it can cause bad breath, and also gum disease in extreme cases. Your Newport Beach dentist should be able to spot such a problem and fix it should it become necessary.


Developing Tartar


Another potential danger as it relates to crowns and bridges is the accumulation of tartar. Bridges are permanent fixtures in your mouth, so you can’t take them out to clean them and the area around them.


Bacteria in these spots combined with saliva forms plaque, and it must be eliminated so that it does not become calculus or tartar. These are harder to remove. The solution is for the bridge to be cleaned thoroughly at least once every six months by a Newport Beach dentist.


Care Tips


Crowns and bridges often can last a lifetime, but you need to do all you can to protect them. Using dental floss daily and brushing at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste is a place to start. You should see a hygienist or dentist at least every six months for professional cleanings.


Also, try to look at your new crowns and bridges as investments. Don’t chew on pieces of ice, and stay away from hard candy, sticky sweets, and other hard foods that could cause damage. Whenever possible, cut up your food rather than biting into it. You’ll get used to this new routine soon enough.


Crowns and bridges can seem miraculous to people who have lost teeth or had some damaged. They’re not going to stay immaculate on their own, though. You must take care of them every day and never skip an appointment with your Newport Beach dentist. That’s how to get a lifetime of use out of them.