Who among us has not felt self-conscious about something from time to time? It can come from several different causes, but a fairly common one is discolored teeth. Brown or yellow stains on your teeth can lead to your not wanting to speak, laugh, or smile in public places, for fear that someone will notice the discoloration. But such stains are not uncommon, and there are many different ways to treat them. It’s time to head to a Newport Beach dentist, get those unsightly stains removed, and get your confidence back again.


There are many different ways that your teeth can become stained over time. Some beverages can be the culprit, including wine, cola, tea, and coffee. Foods like apples and potatoes also can cause stains if consumed regularly. Tobacco use is another common one. It’s rare to come across a regular smoker that doesn’t have stained teeth. Poor dental hygiene is also a contributor. If you aren’t brushing and flossing every day, or you’re not doing a sufficient job, then discoloration and plaque buildup can cause brown or yellow stains. Disease is sometimes a factor. Chemotherapy can cause it, as can head and neck radiation treatments. Advanced age can do it, as can genetic factors.



Don’t worry; there are ways of fighting off unsightly discoloration. Smokers and coffee drinkers who are concerned about their tooth color can help themselves out tremendously by cutting back or quitting. It’s not easy to do, but it’s the best solution for this particular problem. Improving your dental hygiene will help. Prioritize brushing and flossing regularly, and go to the dentist twice a year for cleaning and polishing.

There are also options to whiten teeth. Some find success with over the counter tooth-whitening products like strips. You can also purchase in-home whitening products from your dentist for more advanced cases. You can undergo in-office whitening procedures. If you’re more concerned about this issue and you have the money to spend, you can do bondings or veneers. These are usually considered to be extreme solutions, but there is no denying their effectiveness. If you’ve found that over the counter treatments aren’t working and you are still preoccupied with this issue, you can discuss these with your dentist.

In the end, it’s going to be a combination of learned behaviors and your choice of treatments that will get rid of this issue. We are living in a time when there are many solutions to the discolored teeth problem, so you need not go through life with feelings of self-consciousness or doubt because of a smile that is less than pearly-white. Talk to your dentist if you feel the need, and restore the smile that you’ve been hiding.