We all know that a clean mouth and white, even teeth make for an attractive smile, but good oral hygiene is critical for more than that. It turns out there are lots more reasons to visit a Newport Beach dentist. Here are a few of them that might not seem as obvious.

Oral Cancer Is No Fun

Nobody wants cancer of any kind, but oral cancer can be particularly awful. If you chew tobacco, smoke cigars or cigarettes, or if you drink excessively, you run the risk of developing cancer of the mouth, gums, and throat. Quitting these activities can be hard, but there are more options than ever regarding support.

There’s A Link Between Cardiovascular Disease And Oral Hygiene

If you have healthy teeth and gums, you have less of a chance of developing cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown that periodontal disease which causes inflammation can increase the risk of heart disease, too. Periodontal disease may aggravate those with heart conditions as well.


Healthy Mouth, Healthy Baby

For women who are pregnant, it’s even more important to take care of your mouth than it normally is. Periodontal disease and gingivitis can increase in women who are pregnant. It’s even been theorized that women with poor oral health can run the risk of going into premature labor, and can have babies with lower birth weights. Inflammation in the mouth is caused by bacteria, which can get into the bloodstream and affect the fetus. That’s why it’s critical for women who are pregnant to brush, floss, and never skip dental checkups.


It’s Easier On The Wallet, Too

One more benefit worth mentioning is that you’ll be saving a lot more money, in the long run, if you protect your teeth and mouth rather than waiting for your teeth to break down. The cost of prevention is always going to be less than extractions and other more severe procedures. Many emergency room visits every year are the result of dental problems, some of which can be excruciating.

Some people have a real phobia about going to the dentist, but a competent dental professional is always going to be sensitive to your needs, and they’ll be gentle. Good dental hygiene at any stage in life is essential, so do your mouth a favor, and take care of it.