Braces have been known to be highly effective for aligning teeth and correcting various orthodontic problems. They can be the best option for cosmetic and oral health. If you are wondering whether or not braces are for you, then the dentist Newport Beach is ready to help you.

Some of the signs that people need braces are below:

  • Loss of primary teeth at an early or late age 
  • The delayed or late eruption of adult teeth
  • Teeth that don’t meet properly
  • Jaws are misaligned to the rest of the face
  • Crowded teeth
  • Incorrect jaw location
  • overbite or underbite
  • A disorder of the jaw joint
  • Constant cheek biting or hitting the roof of your mouth due to bite problems
  • Difficulty while chewing
  • Mouth breathing

All these signs require expert orthodontic treatment. The dentist Newport Beach has specialized orthodontic training and certifications to rectify any ortho-related problems. 

Let’s dig deeper into why you should have braces. 


To Straighten Twisted Teeth

The primary function of braces is to align the teeth and make them look naturally straight. There are many braces that can straighten your teeth, such as traditional metal brackets and wires. Braces are recommended for cosmetic reasons and to maintain proper oral health. 

Teeth crowding makes brushing difficult. As a result, plaque accumulation occurs, leading to cavities or decay. On the other hand, teeth with large gaps may also encounter issues with oral hygiene because the food particles can be stuck between these gaps. Food impaction and lack of proper brushing technique may result in interproximal cavities or bad breath. Straight teeth with appropriate space make brushing or flossing easy.

The installation of braces that the dentist Newport Beach provides is so amazing that you will see the change in a few months. Straight teeth help in proper chewing and grinding, which is beneficial for our oral as well as systemic health. It enhances the proper growth of our jaws and also aids with the proper digestion of our food. Misaligned teeth, on the other hand, can be a reason for an overbite or clenching during sleep, which in turn causes difficulty in closing your teeth.

If you have straight teeth, you won’t have to worry about issues like headaches, TMJ issues, and sometimes even backache. 


To rectify a Misaligned Bite

Overbite: An overbite happens when the upper jaw comes out too far in front of the lower jaw when you bite down normally.

Underbite: An underbite occurs when your lower jaw comes out and overlaps your upper jaw.

Both of these bite issues happen due to several reasons. Some of them include putting excessive force on some teeth, while the rest of the teeth experience little to no stress at all. These bite issues also put pressure on the jaw itself, causing tension that can make the jaw ache or, again, cause you to clench your teeth, which is as bad for your teeth as it is for the jaw. 

In many cases, correcting a bite can also have cosmetic benefits. For example, the two halves of the jaw will be in a better position, the smile will be more even, and the teeth will fit together better, giving you a beautiful look.

If you have an improper bite, getting the wire and bracket braces is the best way to correct this problem. You can also have bands that twist from top to lower jaw to help move the bite into better alignment.

Invisalign is one of the great recommendations for straightening teeth. It has the added benefit of being removable, making cleaning and eating easier. 

Crowded or misaligned teeth do not create any serious health problem, but causes poor oral hygiene and gives a bad impression cosmetically. If you have straight and aligned teeth, then you will have a fresh and healthy mouth. 

Braces can promote great oral health 

Having proper oral health is essential for excellent overall health, and braces can be one of the treatments to gain good oral hygiene. Braces are helpful for a person who has a self-esteem issue. It improves the way you smile and gives you the confidence to face the world without hesitation. Visit the dentist Newport Beach to get those braces now.