Dental health is vital in all phases of life. However, it seems that as we age, some people start to neglect it. What is important to remember is that dental health connects to the overall well being of the entire body. If you’re an older adult, keep this in mind. If you’re caring for an older adult who is incapacitated, this is an essential article for you to read as well. Here’s why  you should see your dentist Newport Beach as you become more advanced in years.


Uneven Jawbone and Stomatitis

These are two things to watch out for as you get older. An uneven jawbone comes about when teeth are lost but not replaced with false ones. This can cause the remaining teeth to drift or shift into the open spaces. This is unsightly, but more importantly, it can cause problems biting and chewing. Stomatitis comes about most often when you have poorly fitting dentures, the buildup of Candida albicans, which is a kind of fungus, or overall bad dental hygiene. The tissue underlying a denture becomes inflamed, and it can be quite painful if not treated.


Dry Mouth and Root Decay

Dry mouth can come from the taking of different medications, or cancer treatments where the head and neck area are being treated with radiation. Saliva keeps the mouth lubricated. This protects the teeth from decay, and it also lessens the chance of infection by controlling fungi and bacteria in the mouth. Regular tooth cleaning can counteract dry mouth. Root decay is when the roots of your teeth are exposed to the acid from foods. Gum tissue recedes away from the tooth, and the tooth doesn’t have the enamel protection it needs. Again, the answer is oral hygiene and professional tooth cleaning.


Gum Disease

This can be problematic at any age, but especially as we get older. Plaque and food are left on our teeth because we aren’t brushing as regularly and carefully. Some other causes can be the use of tobacco products, diseases like cancer, anemia, and diabetes, an unhealthy diet, or loosely-fitting dentures. We can lose teeth to gum disease, but that’s just the start. Many different problems throughout the body have been attributed to gum disease and overall poor gum health, so using toothpaste with fluoride, flossing, and using mouthwash daily should all be employed to fight it.

It’s our responsibility to care for our teeth and gums throughout our lives. If we don’t do so, then discomfort might only be the start of our troubles. To stay healthy and happy, keep taking care of your teeth as an older adult and seeing a dental professional regularly.