Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly are basic dental care habits dentists recommend to keep our mouth healthy as it is the window into the health of the body. But how about your heart? Do you take care of your heart? Heart disease is one of the serious problems around the world. Eating a heart-healthy diet, good exercise and plenty of rest are the best way to keep a healthy heart and healthy teeth too according to a leading dentist in Newport Beach, Dr. Anthony Rich.

There are times when dental health has been linked to heart health according to scientist, researchers and health professionals. Bad health habits results to periodontal disease and a lot of people with periodontal disease usually don’t flood their body with nutritious diet, take vitamin C and sufficient fluids that trigger the heart not to function properly. Good oral hygiene prevents bacteria in the mouth that could lead to heart attack or stroke. Inflammation is a common problem between gum disease and heart disease. Poor diet, age, physically inactive, smoking, alcohol consumption and broken fillings are some of the factors shared by periodontitis and heart disease that contribute to the inflammation in the body. Inflammation is one of the main things that cause damage to blood vessels of the gums and of the heart.

Streptococcus sanguis,  the bacteria found in oral diseases- are also the same bacterial species found in heart diseases. The lesser the bacteria in the body and in the mouth, the lower the risk factor to heart disease.

Maintain good oral habits and hygiene inhibits the spread of bacteria and other toxins and thus keep you from getting any oral disease or heart disease. Choose a lifestyle that will help you have a healthy smile and have a healthy heart.  One of the best Newport Beach dentist, like Dr. Anthony Rich, is aware of these problems and can give you guidance on how to maintain your periodontal health.

Call Dr. F. Anthony Rich for an appointment today and he will create a beautiful smile you can share and be proud of for a lifetime.




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