You know that the primary reason most people visit a Newport Beach dentist is to get their teeth cleaned every six months. But there are other reasons you may wish to schedule a dentist appointment if you do not already have one who you see regularly. Dental care is about more than just a sparkling white smile. Your dentist can also identify the cause of any discomfort or pain you are having in your mouth or gums.


Mouth Sores


Mouth sores can be persistent and bothersome, and the first step in identifying what they are is to see a dentist in Newport Beach. It’s possible that a mouth sore might go away on its own, but in certain situations, you might have to seek out some additional treatment.


The most common mouth sores are canker sores. They can be painful, especially if you subject the affected area to cold drinks, ice cream, or cold air. But they often go away within a couple of weeks with no treatment needed.


There are also cold sores or fever blisters that are caused by the herpes simplex virus. They usually appear around the edge of the outer lips. They are contagious, and they come and go.


There’s also something called oral thrush, or candidiasis. This is a yeast infection that occurs in the mouth. You can see it in denture wearers, infants, during cancer treatments, or with people that have diabetes.


If you have a persistent mouth sore, then the best thing to do is to head to your Newport Beach dentist and have them take a look at the problem. They will be able to identify what’s going on with you and what steps you might consider to treat the issue.


Oral Cancer


A Newport Beach dentist can also serve as your first line of defense against oral cancer. Oral cancer can be serious or fatal if it is left untreated. It most often appears in individuals over the age of 40. If it is spotted early, though, it can be treated. Alcohol and tobacco use are common causes, as is HPV, a wart virus that is sexually transmitted.


If you have rough areas in your mouth, lumps, sores, or difficulty swallowing, chewing, or moving your tongue around, it’s possible that it could be an early sign of cancer. Again, the best move for you is to have regular checkups at your Newport Beach dentist. If you identify oral cancer in the early stages, then your chances of treating it successfully are much higher.


Just like regular doctor’s appointments, regular dental appointments can help you to catch problems quickly and keep them under control. You don’t need to be nervous about seeing a dentist. They are medical professionals who want to help you. There is no reason to stay away and run the risk of being in pain or having a potentially dangerous disease that you are leaving untreated.