If you get one of your adult teeth knocked out, then it can be a traumatic experience. It’s painful, and as you look in the mirror and see the unsightly gap in your teeth, you might be wondering what you can do to fix the problem. Figuring out a solution is about more than cosmetic concerns, though. The reason you will want a replacement is just as much practical. Leaving matters as they are might mean discomfort in your jaw and pain while biting or chewing. It is in these situations that a Newport Beach dentist might recommend a bridge.


Just What Is A Bridge, Anyway?

You might have heard this dental term before but been unsure about what was meant. A bridge is a logical solution when an adult tooth has been lost. It is an artificially-created replacement tooth which fills in the space where the permanent tooth was knocked out. If you have a skilled Newport Beach dentist then the bridge will appear natural, and no one will know that it’s not your real tooth.


Different Types of Bridges

There are four different types of bridges. Which one is best for you will be determined by your situation. A traditional bridge is the most common. That is where one or more fake teeth are held in place using crowns. The crowns are cemented to the teeth on either side of the teeth that are missing.


There’s also the cantilever bridge. This is where there is only crown support on one side. This is needed when you only have one tooth next to the missing tooth.


There’s the Maryland bridge, where metal framework or porcelain holds the false tooth in position. These aren’t used as often, as they aren’t as strong as versions that have been cemented in place. You won’t have a lot of biting force with a Maryland bridge.


Finally, there is the bridge which is supported by an implant. If you have more than one tooth missing, that might be the way to go. These bridges rely on implants to hold them in place, and they are secured to the jawbone. These are generally considered to be the most stable option.


If you lost a permanent tooth, or more than one, because of some incident or accident, then it’s natural to be upset about it. You should remember that there are solutions, though, with the bridge being foremost among them. Your Newport Beach dentist will likely have done many of these procedures, and you don’t have to be afraid. A couple of sessions in the chair and your smile will be as bright and shining as it ever was before.