Dentistry has evolved from folk-cured traditions and cultures, however, dentists practice a structured medical discipline based on science.Despite the fact that modern dentistry has dominantly come a long way, the dental myths still exist and still passed on by the word of mouth and become too deeply rooted that we find it difficult to tell the difference between a myth and a fact.

Here are some lists of common dental misconceptions which the Newport Beach dentist will correct with facts:


A HARDER TOOTHBRUSH IS BETTER. The most important part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy is to brush longer. Using a hard toothbrush will only result in abrasion and removal of teeth’s surf wave. Most recommended by the dentist is a softer brush to keep gums and teeth healthy for a longer period of time.


CHEWING SUGAR-FREE GUM AFTER MEAL WILL CLEAN THE TEETH.It can help clean teeth and freshen breath after meals but there is no replacement for a thorough brushing and flossing in the removal of dental plaques.


ASPIRIN TO EASE PAIN. Toothache remedies at home do not guarantee the correction of a dental problem. Putting an aspirin directly on your actual tooth will relieve some amount of pain however it can lead to burn symptoms of the gums.


SUGAR IS WORSE FOR THE TEETH. Sugar may be bad for your teeth but in reality, it is not the actual sugar causing dental issues. Even nutritious foods contain a surprising amount of sugar. The culprit are the bacteria responsible for the sugar fermentation or conversion to acid. It is therefore important to brush and rinse after eating to get rid of the sugars which will be converted to acids causing damage to enamel.


WHITER TEETH ARE HEALTHIER TEETH. Bright white teeth are the trend now and a wide range of different natural shades other than white are said to be less healthy and prone to dental problems. Healthy teeth actually can be of varying shades. What matters is the practice of good oral hygiene to maintain healthy teeth and gums.


Let’s face it, dental work is a sure mix of anxiety and stress and is such a nerve racking experience that we opt to believe the myths instead of facing dental facts. However, oral health and risk for a disease increases with our continued belief of folk traditions and practices.Let your Newport Beach dentist determine how often you should visit for a dental check-up in order to prevent any oral health issues. Remember, prevention is still better than cure.