Dental health is one thing that many people neglect until they have a problem.  By then, however, it’s often too late–if you’re experiencing pain, a lot of damage has likely already occurred to your tooth.  Why suffer more than you have to?  With our tips, you’ll have no trouble finding a local  Newport Beach dentist you love.  (We are partial to Anthony Rich Dentistry.)

  1. Check Your Dentist’s Reputation

In the internet age, there’s no reason to pick a name blindly out of the phone book.  If you’re considering a dentist, a simple first step is to run an online search for their name and practice, and see what kind of patient reviews they have.  This also enables you to see any newspaper or blog articles about your prospective dentist.


  1. Check The State Dental Board

Did you know that your state requires dentists to be regulated by a state dental board?  You can access their website or give them a call to check whether there are any claims against a particular dentist.  Many people omit this step, but if your dentist is in trouble from the state regulatory board, wouldn’t you rather know before you go to your appointment?


  1. Talk To Your Dentist

You might find a dentist who is beloved of patients and has a sterling record with the state board, but those things matter less if their personality doesn’t click with yours.  Take the time to chat with your dentist and ask about where they went to school and how long they’ve been in practice.  It’s a good idea to talk with the reception staff, too, and find out how long they’ve been there.  Remember, you’ll be dealing with the staff as much as you will the dentist themselves, and it’s important to feel comfortable with them.


  1. Will The Practice Work For You?

Finally, don’t forget to be practical.  Are the office hours convenient or at least workable for your schedule?  Is the office location easy to get to from home or work?  Does the dentist’s philosophy on preventative dentistry or pain management match yours?

Your dental health is too important to leave to chance.  If you’ve been putting off establishing care with a new dentist, make this part of your health goals for the new year.  Don’t wait until you’re suffering pain or embarrassing tooth damage: make the call and get scheduled today.



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