Bring back your smile with the best gum lift options!

Having a pretty smile is not only important for aesthetic reasons, but also because it increases self-esteem, improves confidence, and benefits overall health. If you are born with uneven gums, it might be quite hard to have the confidence to smile unconditionally. Hold on, here is the good news for you! Thanks to modern dental technology and the continuous efforts of the experts, today we have cosmetic procedures such as gum reshaping, and contouring. The advanced dental procedures can totally reshape your beauty and bring you the ultimate oral health. The dentist Newport Beach an help you fix your uneven gum line so that you can bring back your smile. 


Laser Gum Lift


Several cosmetic procedures can help to lift the gums. Gingivectomy or “gum lift” can move your gum line up or down, depending on your desired results. If you are a resident of Newport Beach; you can reach out to the nearest dentist to avail gum lift services. If you are looking forward to getting your gums lifted this summer, let’s get some details on this increasingly popular procedure.


In the past, a gum lift was a painful surgery which required the gums to be cut and stitched into their desired position along with a painful weeks-long recovery. New technology, however, has much improved the gum lift procedure, with doctors now using lasers and advanced medical practices to treat the patients less painfully by effectively eliminating most of the pain associated with gingivectomies. Laser gum lifts do not require general anesthesia. Healing occurs in a few days- and can be managed with OTC pain medication.


During a laser treatment, the excess amount of tissue is removed, which gives the appearance of a gum lift. This procedure reveals more of the tooth surface, which was hidden beneath the gums. Multiple procedures can be done by laser such as a collection of tissue samples for biopsy, whiten teeth, gum disease surgeries, and in some cases even remove caries. 


The accurate procedure helps to remove precisely which gum tissues we need to, without harming the areas around it. Its accuracy allows us to have control over the results. It usually takes less than an hour to complete the procedure, and recovery time is instant. 


Crown Lengthening


Sometimes there is extra gum tissue about the length of teeth which causes an uneven gum line and an unattractive smile. Crown lengthening removes extra gums and bone tissues to enhance the visibility of tooth’s crown. It can create a more even gumline and make the crown look longer. 


Often crown lengthening is one in conjunction with a restorative crown. A restorative crown is a shell which is made up of strong material like gold or porcelain to cover and protect the teeth. Since the bone is also removed during the process, the crown lengthening takes longer to heal as compared to laser gum lift treatment. 


Our expert dentist Newport Beach gently reshape the gums and supporting bone. Crown lengthening can be done for medical purposes and dental care. Decay or fracture under the gum line can be treated effectively through crown lengthening. It exposes a more crown surface to support a crown or a filling.


The recovery phase of crown lengthening


You may experience a little bit of discomfort once your gums are lifted. The pain level varies, depending upon your unique situation. The dentist can give you an idea based on how much work has been done. In some cases, your dentist will provide you with an anti-inflammatory drug to help you relieve the pain, such as naproxen sodium, Aleve, ibuprofen, or Motrin. 


To ensure quick recovery of your gums and help them heal faster, you will have to keep in mind the following things:


  • Avoid hot food at least for 24 hours
  • You can use ice to reduce the swelling and bleeding 
  • Use a pack of ice on your face for the first few hours after the treatment can lessen swelling 
  • You soothe your gums, gently cleanse your mouth several times daily. Either you can use a special mouthwash or mix of water and salt  
  • Thoroughly brush your gums and teeth twice a day using an extra-soft bristled toothbrush. Gently massage your gums using the extra-soft toothbrush, it will stimulate your gums to heal faster. Avoid scrubbing them too hard; it will damage the tissues.  
  • Consumption of soft diet 
  • Drink plenty of fluid
  • Your gums and teeth temperature sensitive, especially to cold, so avoid that
  • Intake of any tobacco is prohibited during the healing process
  • Brush the stitched site carefully 
  • Gum healing completes with proper care and saline water rinses


Along with these instructions, the dentist would prescribe you some OTC painkillers which include ibuprofen or Tylenol. Stitches would come out after 7 to 10 days. After the sutures are removed the complete healing of gums occur within three months of the procedure.


There are several ways to get your perfect smile back. Gum contouring is regularly done for aesthetic reasons and to improve appearance. Gum lifts can also be recommended as a restorative dentistry treatment to help eliminate and reduce the effects of chronic gum disease. If you would like to smile with no hesitation, then consult with the dentist Newport Beach. The dentists will guide you through all the dental cosmetic procedures that are affordable and effective. 


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