The first impression is always lasting and we want people to remember us by our confidence and smarts, not our breaths! Halitosis or most commonly  known as bad breath is caused by a bacteria that  breed inside the mouth, a tonsil stone, or even tummy troubles like reflux or ulcer.

The good thing is, your dentist found ways to prevent or otherwise cure this and here are some simple effective ways to keep your breath fresh:

1. NO  to garlic or  onions. These bulbs are part of the same botanical genus, called Allium (Latin for “garlic”) that adheres very easily to the tissues in your mouth. These contain amounts of the same sulfur-based odor compound: allyl methyl sulfide that are absorbed into the bloodstream and released when you exhale

2. NEVER skip a brushing session before bed. It is known to be the second crucial step to better teeth. Without getting rid of the excess food in your mouth especially before you sleep, the bacteria that causes bad breath during the night has a major head start, and will turn your breath into a noxious gas come sunrise.

3. Cut down on dairy product. Studies show that the bacteria that cause bad breath breaks down the lactose proteins in milk and cheese to produce sulfurous odors so cutting back on dairy will rob them of their food source.

4. Keep your mouth moist. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. Saliva is rich in oxygen, an environment which kills bacteria especially those that thrive on poor oxygen. Also cutting back on alcohol dehydrates the mouth and causes halitosis. Another thing is to improve saliva flow dentists recommend chewing fibrous vegetables and fruits like apples, carrots and celery.

5. Gargle! Keep breath fresh by gargling every morning with a mouthwash. It helps keep your breath smelling fresh and  dislodge particles of food trapped between your teeth.

6. Brush your tongue. The tongue is a breeding ground of bacteria that causes bad breath, so if you don’t brush it, they will multiply throughout the day and night. The coating that normally forms on your tongue can be a host for smelly bacteria.


Seek more professional advice on how to treat halitosis or bad breath by contacting your Newport Beach dentist like Dr. Anthony Rich, DDS. Keep your mouth clean and be remembered for your fresh breath.