During the first years of the life of a child, a healthy permanent teeth foundation is laid. Proper oral hygiene routine to help ensure the development of a strong and healthy teeth is essential during this stage. Research shows that a child who develops cavities in their baby teeth will have a high tendency of getting it during adulthood. That is why it is important to visit your Newport Beach dentist for a regular check-up.

Children’s primary teeth start to erupt at the age of six months and approximately two and a half years of age, the main dentition is completed. The role of parents to have their children develop a proper oral hygiene is critical. Supervision through good toothbrushing for the first 12 years is considered crucial until the eruption of the second molar around this age. Lead by example by letting your child watch as you brush your teeth and also provide them the information on the importance of brushing. Here are some helpful and fun tips you can try for your kids to establish regular brushing habits:

  • Have some fun music while brushing their teeth.
  • You can also dance to it.
  • Use their favorite cartoon character on their toothbrush.
  • Have your kids brush together and set a timer for 90 seconds and tell them it is a race.
  • Have them practice by brushing the teeth of a doll or a stuffed animal.

To oral hygiene, diet also plays an essential role in keeping healthy teeth. It is recommended to limit sweets between meals, especially in the evening. Remember, proper nutrition plays a vital role in good dental health. Cavities can develop when sugar rich foods stay in the mouth for a long time for it create acids which eat the tooth enamel away.

  • Give your child a healthy snack food like fruits and vegetables.
  • Buy sugar-free or unsweetened foods.
  • Encourage them to drink water during and the end of every meal.
  • And make sure teeth their teeth are brushed or at least rinsed with water several times every snack.

Dr. Anthony Rich, your dentist Newport Beach, believes that passing healthy dental habits to your kids will help them for a lifetime.