You’re careful to make sure your kid gets their yearly checkups with the pediatrician, and you ensure that they’re getting enough to eat and adequate sleep, but remembering to schedule dental appointments can be tricky even if you’ve found a local Newport Beach dentist you love.  Or, even if you’ve got an appointment, you may worry that your child will be frightened or resistant to going to the dentist.  Here’s some hints, for everything from scheduling to attitudes.


  1. Report Cards Mean Cleaning

With the business involved in modern life, it can be difficult to remember to schedule dental appointments.  Regular cleanings, however, are very important for your child’s oral health.  Choose an event that you know will happen during the school year, such as receiving spring or winter report cards, and use that as a reminder to schedule a cleaning.  If report cards don’t work for your lifestyle, choose a different event, or use an electronic calendar that can be programmed to send you a reminder.


  1. Start Young

Did you know that it’s recommended to take your child to the dentist for the first time about the time that they celebrate their first birthday?  This allows your dentist to catch any cavities early, and also accustoms the child to the dentist’s office, so it’s not so scary later on.  But what if it’s too late–your child is older, and still not used to the dentist?  Check our our next tip.


  1. Talk About It Beforehand–But Not Too Much

If your child is starting regular dental visits late, take the time to explain to them how the visit is going to work.  Avoid telling stories about any extractions or fillings you may have had.  Instead, choose a neutral (and true) statement like, “the dentist is going to check your teeth and count them, and clean the sugar bugs off to keep them strong”.  Try not to promise anything more than that, in case your child ends up needing a procedure.  Additionally, try to stay as calm and relaxed as you can, yourself.  If you seem to think the dentist is no big deal, your child is liable to pick up on your attitude.


  1. Trust Your Dentist

Remember, your dentist and their staff have taken care of many children, and are experienced at making the appointment an un-stressful experience.  Not only can your child get their teeth cleaned and any problems or cavities corrected, but your dentist can give you valuable advice about maintaining a proper oral health care program at home.

Maintaining your child’s dental health is important, not just to avoid mouth pain and chewing problems, but for the health of their entire body.  As a caring parent, you can provide a healthy start that will give your child strong, beautiful teeth for their entire lifetime.



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