For most, dental visit is greeted with dread.   It is one of the most unpleasant things to do. The anticipation of pain, terrible smells or dental drills is what makes us always find excuses to put off our dentist Newport Beach appointment.

However, with the available state-of-the-art technology and high-tech tools, the visit to the dentist does not need to be painful. Here are some helpful tips to keep a person pain-free during the check-up.

1, FIND A GOOD DENTIST. Ask your family and friends for any recommendations in your area or on the website. Develop a trusting relationship with your dentist is important so find a local Newport Beach dentist like  F. Anthony Rich, DDS. He has been helping the people of Newport Beach with their dental needs since 1979.

2. BE HONEST especially if you have sensitive spots in the mouth.  Let the dentist also know if you have a fear of needles so he may be able to work on these and make your visit a pleasant one.

3. RELAX. Remain calm and think of positive things, so you don’t dwell on any pain that will make you feel uncomfortable. Best to try to meditate, take a walk or drink some herbal tea to calm yourself before the appointment.

4. WEAR COMFORTABLE clothing. This includes wearing comfortable shoes. Anything too tight or too loose that makes you feel tensed will get you more susceptible to pain while you’re in the dentist’s chair.

5. DO NOT SELF-MEDICATE. Do not take any painkillers before the appointment. Your dentist may inject anesthesia during the procedure, and the painkillers you took will counteract the anesthetics’ numbing effect.

6. SMALL TALKS. Engage in little conversation with your dentist. Stories and sharing of information may, in the end, earn trust on both of you leaving a peace of mind during the procedure.

Dental Operation has struck fear in the hearts of millions of people both children and adults. With a strong will, you may be able to divert your attention from this tooth-related agony to a vibrant imagination. Get that appointment without fear from a dentist in Newport Beach. Consider F. Anthony Rich, DDS. Call or contact him now at (949) 642-7950.