We all know how powerful the right smile at the right time can be. Regardless of whether your goal is to achieve success, personal development, physical improvement, or love, sometimes the best tools are also the simplest.

According to the dentist in Newport Beach, if you are a person who often smiles broadly, you may be optimistic and more satisfied with work and life.

Therefore, the power of smile cannot be underestimated. This idea is supported by evolutionary scientists who believe that smiling was initially a cultural reference, much like a dog’s tail. Dogs shake their tails to draw people into contact with them, whereas with people, our approach is to smile. Essentially, it has the same effect. If you smile at someone, you show that you are glad with them.

However, the quality of a smile depends entirely on an essential part of the body-your teeth. Smiling may be difficult for people with apparently broken or missing teeth, as this can make them feel conscious.


The importance of good dental health

If you want to avoid problems with your smile, you need to start taking good care of your teeth as early as possible and follow the advice of your dentist in Newport Beach.

Usually, after the dental check-up, the dentist will discuss their recommendations with you. If this includes treatment, you will be asked to return later. 

The more you know about the treatment (whether it is a root canal, tooth extraction, or filling), the more relaxed you will be when you need to face it. 


How our teeth represent our personality

It may be surprising to find that many people believe that the human teeth represent a personality. They look at the size, shape, and arrangement of the teeth to indicate what kind of person owns them.


Showing off healthy teeth

Whether you think it’s fair or not, most people make judgments about bad teeth, and these judgments can automatically have a severe impact on the owner. It may be that you have met a person with discolored teeth who has a winning personality.

However, the fact is that many people will never realize this after first making a quick judgment about their oral hygiene.

To prevent your teeth from getting stained, reduce the amount of coffee and carbonated drinks you consume. If you eat anything that may get your teeth dirty, wait 40-60 minutes before brushing your teeth.

It is highly recommended that you adhere to this pause because brushing your teeth too soon after eating will only move acidic compounds. For those who already have stains and want to remove them, going to the dentist in Newport Beach is the best starting point.


Teeth And Personality

As mentioned earlier, not everyone believes that teeth can represent personality traits. Still, many perceive the teeth and their value in our daily lives.

The next section will briefly outline what some believe as a link between teeth and personal characteristics.


Passive character

If you are a helpful person, your canine teeth may be flatter and the top more curved.

You may be addicted to long-term grazing (eating when not hungry) and drinking lots of carbonated liquids if it sounds like you, try to minimize both habits. 

Drinking too much carbonated drinks will eventually erode the teeth and cause tooth decay.


Anxious personality

On the other hand, concerned people may have small teeth.

They tend to bite their nails and grind their teeth. Don’t forget that bruising is indeed a destructive habit, and steps should be taken to curb it. If left unchecked, grinding will wear away the tooth surface.


Aggressive personality

People with more aggressive personality traits usually have beautiful, more pronounced canines. They often extend their lateral incisors. 

Like anxious people, these people also tend to bruise their teeth. They may also make the mistake of brushing their teeth too much because they are intolerable.


Thoughtless personality

This personality is often called a “party animal” and can always be found during celebrations.

They have habits, such as drinking heavily, smoking, and consuming a lot of carbonated drinks. The problem with this character is that all of the above actions can cause severe damage to the teeth.


Competitive personality

If you have a competitive nature, likely, you can easily bruise your teeth, bite your jaw and chew ice cubes. If you are engaged in sports, you usually approach the dams and protectors with a “give or take” attitude. However, to ensure a healthy smile, you may need to think more about these decisions.


Dealing with chronic grinder habits

As already described, long-term grinding can abrade the surface of the teeth and cause accelerated degradation of your teeth.

It will be difficult at first to avoid this because the automatic urge to return to the “stress gesture” is powerful. However, as long as you are a little sure, you can stop grinding its trajectory.

First, consider why you need to grind your teeth first. If you are a sleep grinder, this is not always possible; sometimes, there is no real explanation of what we do while unconscious.

If it’s a stress response that occurs under stress or expectation, try using something less destructive instead. For example, you can adjust your teeth to play with a bracelet or keychain.


Recognize the value of your teeth

If you have tried the techniques listed above and still have difficulty in grinding your teeth, then it may be time to install your mouthguard. These easy-to-use devices are available from the dental operating room and are designed to hold and secure the teeth slightly apart.

Primarily recommended for patients suffering from sleep pain, but can also be used privately at home.

Contact your dentist in Newport Beach today to learn more about holding your gear protector. To make your teeth healthier, you may also want to consider ways to reduce mandibular occlusion and other nerve twitches.