Sometimes your toothache can get so severe, your daily activities and work tend to suffer from all the pain. This may call for an immediate visit with your dentist in Newport Beach, CA, and you may find yourself being recommended to receive endodontic care.

Now, you may get to asking what endodontic care is. Literally speaking, “endodontic” translates to “inside the tooth” (endo is Greek for inside, and odonto is Greek for tooth). In dental jargon, it essentially means working on the pulp, or the tooth’s soft inner tissue. In layman’s terms, this refers to a root canal.


Endodontic Care

Toothache or cavities will not automatically send you to a root canal appointment. However, there is the serious possibility that there may be infection, and it could spread to the bone, causing much pain and swelling. Your dentist will then have to examine the extent of the damage on your tooth’s pulp to see if it can still be salvaged. The pulp is particularly important because it is where the blood vessels and nerves are located.

To deal with this, the damaged pulp will have to be removed, cleaned, shaped, and filed. And then it will be sealed again, making it practically brand new. Keep in mind, though, that this is going to be dependent on how much infection is going to be found in the tooth.

Benefits of Root Canal

Although the procedure may not be in the visible part of your teeth, it still plays a huge role in keeping your teeth looking good and contributing to your overall dental health. More than getting to keep your perfect smile, you also get to keep your teeth.

In some cases, without the option of root canal, your only other option with a severe tooth infection would be extraction. In this scenario, you won’t only be missing a tooth, your chewing capacities will also be compromised, and, not to mention, your jaw’s alignment. With endodontic care, you can have your tooth restored to its full functionality, and you won’t have to suffer from toothache and discomfort anymore.

Consult with a dentist in Newport Beach right away to get you the procedure best suited for your condition. Don’t wait till it gets worse.


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