White spots on your teeth will always bother you. Since white spots are both unhealthy and aesthetically unpleasing, almost everybody around us is looking for a perfect solution to remove them. If you have been wondering how to remove the white spots and let your teeth shine, read on this article.


Hold on, let’s first familiarize ourselves with the leading causes of white spots. It will help us understand what things we should avoid that often result in white spots.


Possible causes of White Spots on Teeth




Fluorosis occurs when a lot of fluorides is ingested at a young age. There are several causes of fluorosis, including fluoridated water and various kinds of toothpaste.  Even though fluoride helps make teeth increasingly resistant to decay, it can be unsafe too. It causes enamel staining which often appears as pale white, yellow or even dark colored.


Enamel Hypoplasia


Enamel hypoplasia often results from nutritional deficiencies, high fever, and medicinal side effects. Premature births and smoking during pregnancy can also cause enamel hypoplasia. Experts noted that in enamel hypoplasia, the tooth/teeth is less mineralized, which causes tooth decay as well as white spots.




Demineralization of the teeth occurs when bacterial plaque is collected on the teeth as a result of improper brushing or flossing. This issue prevails among youngsters and grown-ups who wear braces or retainers. If not taken care of, demineralization will lead to teeth decay.


Consumption of sugar


Tooth enamel gets damaged and the risk of tooth decay increases due to high intake of acidic or sugar-rich food items. Frequent snacking is one of the major contributing factors to the acidic environment of the mouth.


Teeth Whitening Strips


Lately, everyone is using whitening strips to achieve glowing white teeth. However, these teeth whitening strips come with drawbacks. Teeth whitening strips are highly acidic, which can remove the enamel from your teeth. As the enamel reduces, white spots will start appearing on your teeth.

Recommended Treatments for White Spots


Topical fluoride


The enamel hypoplasia can be treated with topical fluoride.  Topical fluoride improves the development of enamel on the teeth and helps prevent tooth decay.

Teeth whitening or bleaching


Whitening or bleaching teeth can help to lessen the appearance of white spots and other stains. A variety of teeth whitening products, such as strips and paste, are available over-the-counter (OTC.) Consult a Newport Beach dentist to know which treatment suits you best. The bleaching solutions used in clinics tend to be stronger than those available OTC, which may make them work well.


Composite resin


One of the white spot’s treatments options is to treat the affected area of teeth like a cavity. That is, drilling the affected area out and filling it with a tooth-colored filling material. These composite fillings may break down gradually, but this a good short term solution. You need to change them often. This may not be appropriate if people have large numbers of dental veneer.


Dental veneers


The dental veneers are thin teeth covering that are often used for beautifying your teeth. They are a perfect option to hide your white spots as well. Just make sure dental veneers are fitted perfectly with the help of a professional dentist. Veneers are quite costly, and if you are looking for an on-budget dental solution, this is not for you.   

Prevention is better than cure


Whatever age group you fall in, it is essential that you should take care of your teeth. If you are pregnant, talk with your dentist at Newport Beach or obstetrician about fluoride consumption and any medications that could interfere with your child’s developing teeth. If you are a smoker, it is a great time to start putting your efforts for quitting smoking to ensure great oral health.


Children under the age of six can suffer these spots too. Make sure your children use only pea-sized amounts of fluoride toothpaste (make sure they don’t swallow). Check fluoride level of your tap water and discusses the need for fluoride supplements with your dentist. Keep in mind many foods items may contain fluorides such as drinks, formulas, and bottled water.


If your child is wearing braces or retainers, help them brush and floss around these regularly to reduce the risk of white spots. For extra protection, and to remineralize these white spots, consult your dentist who may recommend specific toothpaste or fluoride treatment.


Don’t let any white spots keep you away from smiling. Although some people are less concerned about white spots. However, if you want to beautify your smile, you can treat them for bringing back your smile. It’s worth experiencing how our Newport Beach dentist can help you get rid of white spots on teeth and to choose a remedy that’s best for you.