Are you having trouble getting your little ones to brush their teeth?

Don’t get too anxious or disappointed as that’s not at all surprising.

Surveys reveal that kids hate brushing their teeth than making their homework. It may be due to the fact that most small children don’t like doing chores and they see brushing as a task.

We’ll give five easy ways to make your children love brushing their teeth more than ever.

Brush alongside with your kids

Probably, this is the easiest and most effective on this list. Parents are good role models to their children. Anything you do may be remembered easily by your kids. If they see you brushing your teeth everyday, they’ll likely do the same.

Play a toothbrush game

Children love to play around so come up with a game that entails brushing their teeth. It would also definitely help if you join the game. It would not only raise their interest, but will likewise showcase their competitiveness.

Let them use an electric toothbrush

As we all know, kids only have little patience when it comes to performing certain tasks. An electric toothbrush may reduce their efforts of manually brushing their teeth. Moreover, they may find it fun and cool being able to brush their teeth using an electric tool.

Explain dental hygiene in your own words

Information that you provide your kids about gingivitis, periodontal disease, and tooth decay may not make any sense to them. Explain all these in very simple words. For example, you can tell them that “teeth may get hurt and sad if you don’t brush them everyday.”

Let your kids pick their own toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, etc.

Just like when picking a toy, kids do get excited. Use this concept and let them pick their supplies (maybe with their favorite cartoon character). If they like what they have, they may also enjoy brushing their teeth more regularly. You can also get advice from a local dentist on which dental supplies are safe for them.

Is your kid having fun yet?

For sure, there are many other ways that would help introduce your kids to the importance of dental hygiene including a regular visit to a Newport Beach dentist like F. Anthony Rich DDS. Whatever your approach is, make sure your kids are enjoying. After all, we’re after the betterment of our precious little ones.

Keep their teeth healthy and they’ll surely thank you a lot in the years to come.