You’ve surely heard that some foods are bad for your teeth, Newport Beach residents, but there are some that are much worse than others. In this article, we’ll identify the foods that a dentist said should be avoided at all cost if you want to keep from getting cavities.




It’s not going to come as happy news to some people, but alcohol is one of the worst contributors to plaque formation and cavities, especially if you consume it regularly. That’s because it dries out the mouth, and that means your teeth and gums become a more friendly place for bacteria. Alcohol prevents the formation of saliva, and without it, food particles stick more easily. Therefore, Newport Beach residents, refraining from alcohol is better for your teeth.




Ice is only frozen water, so it doesn’t contain sugar or any of the other substances that lead to cavities. However, a dentist to whom you speak is likely to bring it up, because some people enjoy biting it or chewing on it. This can often lead to damaged teeth, and that damage can be costly to repair. You don’t want chipped or broken teeth, or damaged crowns, so refrain from biting on ice cubes. Enjoy your drinks chilled without ice instead.


Potato Chips


Potato chips aren’t one of the foods that Newport Beach residents immediately think of when they consider tooth damage, but they are very starchy, and that starch can easily become trapped between your teeth. This feeds the bacteria in the plaque which is in your mouth, according to a dentist. If you’ve eaten a bag of chips, it’s best to floss immediately after so that there is less time for the damage to set in.


Citrus Fruits and Juices


People think of juices and citrus fruits as being healthy, and they do indeed contain vitamins, which are good for you. However, lemons, oranges, and grapefruits have a high acid content which can easily erode tooth enamel. Also, if you have mouth sores, the acid can be painful. If you’re going to drink fruit juice or eat citrus fruits, do so in moderation, and you can also rinse with water immediately afterward.


When you go to see a Newport Beach dentist, they will be able to see from the condition of your teeth if you have been consuming many of these foods and drinks. As with most things, if you moderate your consumption, you should see good results. It can be a balancing act trying to eat healthily and also taking care of your teeth, but if you talk to your dentist, they should be able to offer some further recommendations.