Do you have a chipped, decayed, broken, cracked or worn teeth? Or is there a big space in between your teeth? If your answer is Yes, you are a candidate for cosmetic fillings.

What is a Cosmetic or Dental Filling?

It is a procedure performed by your dentist Newport Beach where silver amalgam (metal filling) or a composite filling is used to treat any of the above-mentioned conditions.

The amalgam is the traditional type of cosmetic filling mainly composed of copper, tin, and mercury. The three metal combination has been known to retain the normal teeth functionality. Even though small, however, there have been reports of mercury poisoning that makes metal filling unfavorable.

The more modern filling is the composite filling. It is composed of acrylic resin and white-colored glass and is more preferred because it can blend well with the color of the other natural teeth.These type of filling is very durable that it can even last up to 10 years.

What is the Cost of the Filling?

It can vary depending on your dentist, but you will be informed of it before your agreement of the procedure.

How is a Dental Filling Procedure Performed?

It only takes one appointment with your dentist Newport Beach to perform the procedure. Your dentist will numb the affected area with topical anesthesia that way he can clean up and remove all the decay. If the decay is near a tooth nerve, an additional medication is applied to protect the teeth.

If it’s a composite filling, the Newport Beach dentist performs an additional process of polishing the filling that way it will look and fit like your other teeth.

Most prefer composite filling as it appears natural and you get to smile or laugh without being conscious that the person in front of you will notice the silver fillings.

Your Newport Beach dentist will give you care instructions once the treatment procedure is completed. As mentioned earlier, composite fillings are more durable. However, the real scale is how well you maintain a good oral hygiene, your eating habits, as well as how often you visit your dentist for a check-up.