How is it like to have dental braces? Before we answer that, let us answer a few misconceptions first for you to find the right dentist in Newport Beach to fit one for you.

Age Limit. Orthodontic or dental braces are not limited to teenagers. The only thing you need to make sure is that you have healthy gums and jaw bones to support the pressure which the braces will exert on your teeth.

Adults can get braces too! The most obvious reason why they didn’t get one during teenage life is the expense which they couldn’t afford. Sometimes, it’s because they didn’t wear retainers after the braces were removed, so the teeth become crooked again.

Bite Matters. Dental braces are recommended by the dentist not just to straighten the teeth but also to ensure that the upper and lower teeth meet when the mouth is closed. A straight set of teeth is useless if you can’t chew or speak properly.

Price. Typically, the cost of metal braces or Invisalign is between $3, 000- $6, 000. If you’re aiming for a ceramic or special braces, then be prepared to pay more. Don’t worry, though, because payments are usually staggered. Just talk to your dentist to know your options.

Types of braces. Certain kinds of treatment are not for you that is why it is a must that you consult with your dentist to determine whether you’re a good candidate for Invisalign, metal braces or some other systems. Make sure also that your dentist has special training with the type of bracket he’s going to install. Some braces like the lingual types (“behind the teeth braces) require special training before a dentist can offer it to his patients.

Duration of Use. Your dentist usually will recommend this, but most braces are removed after two years. If you want a faster route, be prepared to endure a painful jaw. Talk to your dentist to know what you can expect if you want a quicker treatment. For fixed braces, normally you will be advised to wear it for 12 to 24 months. A removable brace, on the other hand, takes less time than a fixed type however it still needs to be worn after the treatment period is over.

Read your contract thoroughly. Some contracts would include retainers; others don’t. Just make sure to read the treatment plan which your dentist has enlisted on the contract. If you can’t abide by the terms, especially on the payment, request if your dentist can draw up a new set of terms for you.

Care for your teeth. All the more reason for you to clean your teeth if you have brackets because food debris can get stuck in between your braces. You can get an orthodontic brush, interdental brush or a soft toothbrush if you have fixed braces. Just make sure not to use whitening toothpaste for you not to get two-tone teeth once the braces are removed. When you floss, you can also use floss threaders to help your floss get under the wires of your braces.

For removable braces, you can clean it by placing it in a sink full of water so as not to damage it during an accidental drop. Brush it using a separate toothbrush than the one you use and rinse it thoroughly when done.

Pain. Expect to experience pain a day or two after the braces are placed. Mouth sores may also be experienced within the first couple of weeks. Your chewing pace will also be compromised so eat only soft foods until the pain subsides.

Allergies. If you wear metal braces, make sure you’re not allergic to the type of metal your dentist will use for your brackets. Allergy to latex in o-ring ligatures or plastic in plastic retainers are also reported so if you experience any sensitivity to these materials, make sure to report it immediately to your dentist.

Retainers. Retainers should be worn for a lifetime. Yes! Although some dentist will recommend that you wear it only at night, there are those which you need to wear 24/7 forever. If you’re not going to abide by your Newport Beach dentist’s advice on the frequency of your retainer use, your teeth and pocket will surely suffer.