If you’ve lost an adult tooth due to an accident or inadequate oral care, you might feel embarrassed about the gaps in your smile. People that feel this way can often be spotted because they refuse to open their mouths to smile when they’re being photographed, and they try not to laugh when in mixed company.


That’s no way to live, and if you want to make a change in your life, you should talk to a dentist in Newport Beach about the possibility of getting a crown or a bridge installed.  


Why Crowns and Bridges?


Crowns come into play when a tooth has been damaged. If one of your teeth is broken in an accident, for instance, then a Newport Beach dentist can fix it with a crown. A bridge is installed when the tooth is missing entirely. In either case, though, a skillful dentist can match the crown or bridge to the other teeth so that no one will know that it’s not your real tooth.


These procedures are also not overly expensive, provided that you have dental insurance. They are not painful either, so there is no need to be nervous.




In addition to giving you a better smile, getting a crown or a bridge can help with your dental occlusion, meaning the way you bite into food. If you have damage to your teeth, it can be more than a cosmetic issue, Newport Beach residents. In time, your other teeth can shift, not only making your smile worse but also making it more difficult to eat and live without pain or discomfort. Bridges and crowns are a suitable preventative measure.


Some people are hesitant to get crowns and bridges for the same reasons that they don’t want to see a Newport Beach dentist in the first place. They feel like the procedure is going to be painful, or they’re embarrassed because they feel like the dentist will see that they have not been taking care of their teeth.


These should not be reasons that prevent you from seeing a dentist, though. Dental professionals usually have seen it all, and they won’t judge you. Rather, their job is to help you, and they will do so courteously and professionally.


As for any pain you might experience, you can talk to the dentist about your phobia and come up with a solution. Dental technology has now reached the point that virtually any procedure can be performed painlessly with the proper anesthetic.


If you have damaged or missing teeth, see a Newport Beach dentist without delay to talk about crowns or bridges. You’ll be glad you did when you can smile among mixed company again, and you don’t feel self-conscious about getting your picture taken.