Many of us are surprised to learn that after years and years of brushing and flossing our teeth, we are still not doing it properly.

Don’t worry as we have researched various techniques and methods on proper tooth brushing for you to incorporate it on your dental care routine.  Here are the following simple yet best and easy techniques commonly used and classified based on brushing  on motion/movement as suggested by the Newport Beach dentist:



THE BASS  METHOD. This method is suitable for everyone and is considered the most effective in cleaning. It angles the bristles at 45 degrees to the long axis of the tooth and with a gentle force, insert the bristles in between the teeth. This technique applies ten back and forth strokes without removing the bristles’ ends and similar strokes are applied on the chewing surface.

THE STILLMAN’S METHOD.This is recommended to people with continuous gingival recession (also known as receding gums) where the root surface becomes exposed . Similar to the Bass technique, the bristles to sulcus are directly angled at 45 degrees.

THE CHARTER’S METHOD. This method efficiently cleans in between teeth structures such as your prosthetics or orthodontics. Arch the brush at 45 degrees on the gingival margin while placing the bristle horizontally.

THE MODIFIED METHOD. This method cleans the entire facial, buccal and lingual surfaces.

THE FONE’S CIRCULAR. This method is considered to be the simplest of all methods in brushing. Just move the brush in a circular motion around a set of teeth and move on to the next set. Your Newport Beach dentist believes that this is very useful especially in teaching the children to brush although it is a less effective method.

THE ROLL STROKE.This is used mainly in addition to Bass, Stillman’s and Charter’s techniques.

One important thing that is often ignored is that proper brushing takes at least 120 seconds or two minutes. That is, 2 minutes twice a day. Brush with a soft-bristled brush too. Make sure that it fits the size and shape of your mouth and is replaced every three to four months. It is also important to use a toothpaste that is right for you since a wide variety are manufactured for many conditions. Ask your Newport Beach dentist which technique is suitable for your teeth.