If you want healthy teeth and a bright, shining smile, then you should carefully monitor the food and beverages that you consume, Newport Beach residents. Any dentist will tell you that your diet makes a huge difference in this regard.


Many beverages and foods can cause plaque, which does significant damage to your teeth. Plaque is like a sticky film which adheres to your teeth. It is filled with bacteria, and it contributes to tooth decay and gum disease. When you have a sugary snack, that sugar causes the bacteria to release acids. These acids attack a tooth’s enamel, and that can lead to the development of cavities.


So, what are the foods that Newport Beach residents consume that are most likely to cause cavities? Here are the main culprits, according to several dentists to whom we spoke.


Carbonated Drinks


Carbonated drinks are rough on your teeth, even if they belong to the family of so-called diet drinks. Carbonated sodas allow plaque to produce more acid, and this, in turn, attacks your tooth enamel. If you drink soda all day, you are essentially coating your teeth with harmful acids. It also dries out the mouth, which means you have less saliva, which is more conducive to cavities. Also, dark-colored sodas make it more likely that your teeth will become discolored.


Sour Candies


Candy, in general, is bad for your teeth, but the Newport Beach dentist to whom we spoke warned us explicitly about sour varieties, like Sour Patch Kids. These sour candies contain a different type of acid, and it is even tougher on your teeth. Plus, because they are sticky, they remain on your teeth longer than other kinds of candies. If you are craving sweets, a chocolate bar will do less damage to your teeth, because the residue will melt quickly without sticking to them.




Yes, even bread is bad for the teeth, according to a Newport Beach dentist. As you chew up a piece of bread, your saliva breaks it down into sugar. Before you swallow it, it becomes a gummy substance which can easily stick to your teeth. That is a sure recipe for cavities if bread is a part of your regular diet. If you want carbs, stay away from white bread and go for the whole wheat varieties. These have less added sugars, and they are not broken down as easily.


The most critical thing when it relates to these foods is that it’s okay to eat them, but do so in moderation. If you consume sticky candy or soda as an infrequent treat, it’s much better than if they are a daily indulgence for you, Newport Beach. If you make an effort to change your habits, then you should be able to reduce the risk of cavities, and your teeth will look better as well. That’s going to be plenty of reason for you to smile.