Losing a permanent tooth is never fun, but you don’t have to go through life looking like a Jack o’lantern. Your dentist Newport Beach can fill in those unsightly gaps, and they are most likely to do it by installing a bridge. This might sound intimidating, but it is nowhere near as traumatizing as you imagine. Here are the steps that will be taken to restore your smile to its former radiance.


You Can Stay Awake For The Procedure


The installation of a bridge is thought of as being minimally invasive. However, if you feel frightened or nervous, a Newport Beach dentist will have no problems giving you mild sedation so that you will feel more relaxed. You will still be conscious as the procedure is taking place, but you will feel no pain.


Numbing the Area


The dentist will numb the area of your mouth where the bridge is going to be installed. The way to do this is by injecting the numbing agent directly into your gums. Before doing so, though, they will swab the gum with a topical jelly which minimizes the discomfort of the shot.


The Bridge


Before the bridge is installed, the Newport Beach dentist will have measured your mouth and taken imprints of it. Bridges are custom-made, and yours should feel comfortable and fit properly. You’ll be told to bite down on a soft piece of foam so that the imprint can be made. If your teeth were compromised, then before the procedure the dentist will have installed temporary crowns which protected you until the bridge was created. During the surgery, these will be removed, and cement will be applied which holds the bridge in place.


There will be no sharp pain during the procedure. The only discomfort might come from having to hold your jaws open for a while. As your Newport Beach dentist will no doubt explain, the recovery from the bridge installation is not too difficult or painful. Some slight soreness is typical, but you should be able to eat normally almost immediately after the procedure. When you glance in the mirror, you will likely be thrilled with the results of the bridge installation. It will be like your original teeth were never lost at all.