What is Dental Implant?

It serves as replacement roots for the teeth that are made to match your natural ones and provide strong foundation for a permanent or removable replacement teeth. Implants can be for a single tooth, several teeth or all of the teeth. The goal is to restore function as well as aesthetics.

Dental implants are made of Titanium and other materials that are compatible with the human body. It is fused to the jawbone thus it is important to have healthy gums and adequate bone to support the implant.  Patients have to also undergo examination from his/her dentist before considering a dental implant procedure as several factors need to be considered.


Here are some important things you need to know before you book an appointment for the implant:

COST. Typically more expensive compared to other methods of tooth replacement but the good thing is, most insurance cover less than 10% of the fees.

EXPECTATIONS. Patients need to understand that dental implantation requires all or the following procedures:

  • Removal of damaged tooth/teeth
  • A series of dental X-rays may be needed as preparation before the surgery
  • a  Comprehensive Dental Exam
  • The healing period that will last for several months ( three to nine in most cases)
  • Your health condition especially if you are under a certain medication, prescription drugs and/or supplements that might affect the procedure

TYPES. There are two types of implants being used and practiced by the American Dental Association:

  • The ENDOSTEAL IMPLANTS. Is  an implant that is ” in the bone”, meaning, it is surgically implanted directly into the jawbone and needed a second surgery to connect to the original implant before an artificial tooth is attached. This is considered to be the most widely used implant.
  • The SUBPERIOSTEAL IMPLANTS. It consists of a metal frame that is fitted onto the jawbone just below the gum tissue and is where the artificial teeth need to be mounted. It is often used to patients with shallow jawbone and would not undergo a procedure to rebuild it.

The success of any implants still depends on YOU, though- especially your oral hygiene and how often you visit your Newport Beach dentist like Dr. Anthony Rich for a check-up or if you happen to experience any pain associated with your implant(s).