As if there wasn’t enough to keep track of while you’re pregnant, did you know that changes to your hormones can make visiting a Newport Beach dentist even more vital than it is normally?  As your body changes to grow your baby and prepare for delivery, your gums can become swollen and tender.  This, and the challenges involved with morning sickness, can make dental care challenging.  Still, it’s very important that you keep your mouth clean, both to protect your own teeth from damage and to protect your baby from the stress chemicals your body makes in response to a dental infection.  Here are our tips to keep your mouth healthy.


  1. See Your Dentist

If your gums are tender and you’re feeling nauseated, it can seem like going to the dentist is too much work.  Actually, getting your regular cleanings is a great idea, since that will minimize the number of bacteria in your mouth, and allow your dentist to catch any infections or problems early.  Be sure to tell your dental hygienist that you’re pregnant, mention how far along you are, and let the hygienist know if you’re worried about pain or nausea.  They can be very gentle when they clean your teeth and offer you advice on how to choose toothpaste and mouthwash without strong flavors to enable you to brush your teeth without upsetting your stomach.


  1. Take Care Of Your Teeth

If you’re dealing with morning sickness, your teeth can wind up coated with a layer of acid regularly (depending on whether it’s morning sickness, or the “all-day sickness” some women experience).  It’s best to remove this by brushing your teeth after you vomit, but if you can’t tolerate the feeling of a toothbrush, ask your dentist about a gentle mouthwash or rinse to use to clean your teeth.  When you’re not sick, be sure to brush your teeth after you eat, after you consume acidic drinks like soda or orange juice, and to floss or use a water pick.


  1. Eat A Healthy Diet

It can seem like everyone, and their grandfather has an opinion about what you eat when you’re expecting, but it’s true that what you eat has a direct effect on your health.  Here’s one more reason to make sure that you’re getting a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, calcium, and vitamins: your teeth and your baby’s teeth need proper nutrition to be strong and healthy.


  1. Repair Problems

We hope that you won’t need any dental work done during your pregnancy, but if you do, it’s important for you to know that most procedures are safe for you and your baby during pregnancy.  In fact, treating gingivitis can lower the chances that your baby will be born prematurely!  If you need a procedure, be sure to tell your dentist how far along you are, and to discuss which anesthetic can safely be used while you’re pregnant.  For cosmetic procedures, it’s usually best to wait until you’ve delivered your baby.

Pregnancy is an exciting, wonderful time, and we want to help you give your baby the best start possible.  Give us a call and schedule your cleaning today!



Dental Care During Pregnancy –

Dental Care During Pregnancy –