Newport Beach Cosmetic Dentist: Dr. Anthony Rich

In these modern days, numerous people heavily relied on cosmetic dentistry for a quality smile improvement. This particular dentistry branch is getting much popular while the cost of several dental cosmetic procedures was getting cheaper and cheaper as time passes by. Anyone can qualify in this type of procedure. If you happen to suffer and have a gummy smile, chipped or cracked tooth which is caused by gum diseases because of periodontal diseases, you are highly qualified to have a cosmetic dentist service.

One of the best cosmetic dentists from Newport Beach is Dr. Anthony Rich, a native Californian who dreamed of becoming a dentist since childhood. He graduated from the University of Southern California School of dentistry. Through considerable experience and extensive training, he was considered in Newport Beach Cosmetic Dentistry as one of the leading dentist in town with the use of precise technical skills and artistic abilities to maintain the dental care and create beautiful smiles. He maintained the highest standards in Cosmetic Restorative and Preventive Dentistry due to continuous education and elective formal training.

Newport Beach Cosmetic Dentistry provides fast result that can often be seen just after the initial session. His task is to improve clients’ overall oral health with the use of highest professional dental care standards. He often says that a healthy mouth is basic to people’s health and the maintenance of oral health will prop up the body’s overall health. His ability and skills already improved smiles and promoted oral health to his more than one thousand regular patients. Taking pride in a quality dental care, Dr. Anthony Rich is committed to deliver a preventive and conservative type of approach to dentistry to help his patients smile all the more.

Dr. Anthony Rich of Newport Beach Cosmetic Dentistry personally provides general and family dental care established and trusted since year 1997. He considers a regular schedule of dental visit as initial level of defense against any type of dental problems. During a visit like this, together with his staff, they provide routine examination, deep cleaning, x-ray schedule for plaque building elimination and tooth decay prevention. Patients find these check-ups beneficial as dental problems were already detected, cleaned, solved and healed even before the problem worsens.

The Cosmetic Newport Beach offers teeth whitening, veneers, invisalign braces, tooth bonding and reshaping. The service areas is within Costa Mesa, Orange County., Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach., & Laguna Beach, CA. To find out more, get in touch by visiting the Contact Us Page and fill out the form. Visit now to get that eye catching smile that every people will adore.