Cosmetic dentistry, though not a formal dental specialty, generally refers to those procedures that improve the appearance of your teeth rather than their functionality. Dr. Rich offers cosmetic dentistry services in Newport Beach that will improve the appearance of your teeth, mouth and smile. His advanced training in cosmetic dentistry at the University of Southern California and his extensive continuing education training have equipped him with the skills and experience to transform your smile. While much of cosmetic dentistry is primarily for elective – or desired – treatments, it may also provide restorative benefits. For example, replacing old fillings with porcelain will more closely match the color of your teeth, but, it may also contribute to overall oral health. Dr. Rich is up to date with the many technological advancements in natural-looking dental materials and cosmetic techniques. And today, many of the cosmetic dental treatments are more affordable and predictable. Dr. Rich will always utilize conservative cosmetic dentistry techniques to preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. Call Dr. Rich for a free consultation and see how he can embellish your smile and boost your self confidence.

Teeth whitening: Everyone loves a bright, white smile. The FDA reports that whitening restores natural tooth color and can even whiten beyond the natural color if you so desire. Today there are a variety of products and procedures available to help you improve the color of your teeth. Some whitening procedures are done in our office with one visit, while other less effective whitening agents can even be purchased over-the-counter. Dr. Rich will consult with you as to whether bleaching gel, bleaching strips, bleaching pen, natural bleaching, or one of the other teeth whitening procedures that work best for you.

Veneers: A veneer is a thin shell that is placed over the front or visible parts of the tooth. Veneers are an option for closing gaps or covering discolored teeth that do not respond well to whitening procedures. There are two types of veneers, ceramic veneers that are produced by a dental laboratory and resin-based composite veneers. If veneers are the right solution for you, Dr. Rich guarantees your new veneers will greatly improve your appearance and increase your confidence for years to come.

Tooth reshaping and bonding: Tooth reshaping and bonding are separate procedures that Dr. Rich can use to improve the appearance of a tooth or teeth. These procedures can be used to repair a small chip, improve the shape or positioning of a tooth, and correct crooked teeth. These procedures are fast, effective and can sometimes even be a substitute for braces.