Some kids are scared of the dentist, and it’s not considered to be uncommon. However, there are also plenty of adults that have an aversion to going to a Newport Beach dentist, and they are willing to do just about anything to stay away. However, this is not going to work out well for them in the long run. If you neglect oral care then in time you are going to have pain and dental problems. It’s almost inevitable. Let’s look at what it is specifically that makes people afraid of the dentist, and some possible solutions to the issue.


Why Be Afraid of the Dentist?


There are different reasons that an individual might be afraid of a Newport Beach dentist. They might have a fear of needles. The thought of injections in their gums might make them squeamish.


Others have fears of being sedated, thinking that something bad might happen to them while they are under anesthetic.


Others don’t like the drill that a Newport Beach dentist uses for some of their procedures. The thought of the noise that it makes or the possible pain from it are difficult for them to overcome.


Some people don’t want to see the dentist because they are embarrassed about the state of their teeth and gums. They are worried that the dentist is going to speak ill of them for taking poor care of themselves. This can be true for smokers or for people who don’t brush and floss as often as they should.


What Can Be Done About It?


The worst thing that you can do if you are scared of the dentist is to pick a random one in Newport Beach and hope for the best. What you should do instead is locate a dentist that will listen to your fears, acknowledge them, and find a way to help you work through them.


You should do some research. Look at reviews online, and speak to family or friends to see if they have any recommendations. Before you get any work done on your teeth, you can talk to the dentist and judge for yourself whether they are empathetic. If you feel like they are not, then you don’t have to use them.


If you don’t find a way to conquer your fears, then all sorts of dental problems can develop as you get older. You can’t be forced to do something that you don’t want to do, but if you persist in avoiding dental treatment, then chances are you are going to face pain and possibly the loss of some of your teeth at some juncture.