Most people experience pain and discomfort when it is related to the tooth or jaw-related injuries hence it is important to seek immediate help from a Newport Beach dentist so the right treatment is served. Oral Surgery treats a wide range of diseases and conditions that’s why there are many different treatment types dealing with various components of the oral cavity and jaw structure. oral-surgery-newport-beach

Impacted teeth is one of the conditions that may require Oral Surgery. This also known as the wisdom teeth or third molars. It is known to be the last set of teeth which developed yet failed to emerge or to fully emerge. in proper alignment. Some individuals have an unequal jaw growth that can cause difficulty in speaking, eating, swallowing and even breathing. Therefore having it surgically removed and move it to a new position that is more balanced, functional and healthy is recommended.

Oral Surgery may also be needed if the teeth are infected or damaged. Affected tooth is removed through extraction or a dental implant may be recommended to replace it for future problems with its alignment.

A root canal is recommended for teeth with infections caused by cracks or cavities. This procedure uses a crown to cover the large hole or decayed portion to restore the surface of the tooth.

Oral surgery can also treat facial traumas. It can repair minor up to complex facial skin lacerations, can reconnect severed nerves and treat facial injuries. Correcting the jaw, facial bone, and facial soft tissue problems can be performed during oral surgery.  It can restore form and function to the maxillofacial area ( refers to jaw and face)  and most often involves using skin, bone, nerves and different tissue from other parts of the body to reconstruct.

Everyone wants to keep their teeth for a lifetime,  but circumstances can arise that will prompt your Newport Beach dentist to recommend oral surgery for the benefit of your dental health.  With today’s modern procedures and anesthesia, you have nothing to worry about. Call a Newport Beach dentist like Dr. Anthony Rich DDS about pain management options for your upcoming oral surgery to restore the function and beauty of your smile.