Dental visits are no longer just about oral prophylaxis and cavity removal. Visiting your dentist twice a year is essential to prevent your teeth from getting damaged. However, if you belong to a high risk group- suffering from immune disorders, gum disease, diabetes, or a smoker- dental visits should be more frequently done.

We have prepared a checklist that you should keep in mind for your next dental visit:

Make sure to set an appointment with your dentist.

Avoid waiting for so long in the clinic. Avoid the lines by making sure you have an appointment with your dentist. It is essential to schedule your appointment in the morning because teeth are usually cleaner, assuming you brushed them the night before and as soon as you woke up. You would not want to set an appointment in the afternoon as this would only make you anxious throughout the day just thinking about it.

Note all concerns and questions you have for your dentist.

Due to anxiety, we tend to forget to ask important questions when we’re in the clinic. To prevent this from happening, jot down all your concerns on a piece of paper. You might want to take note of bleeding gums, canker sores that won’t heal fast, pain or sensitivity, cosmetic concerns you might have, a list of medicines you take, etc.

Come in 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time.

This will give you ample time to fill out any forms the receptionist would require of every patients.

Bring all the necessary documents, medical/dental results, IDs or insurance.

This is something you should not forget especially if your dental concern requires urgent attention. You would not want to delay a treatment or a procedure just because you forgot your ID. You also would not want to pay more if you forgot your insurance card, considering how expensive it is to get treatments nowadays.

Brush your teeth.

You would not want to have your Newport beach dentist check your teeth with food stuck in it. You might think that the dentist would clean it for you anyway and you are right. However, you might want to save some time by cleaning it yourself beforehand.