Taking a trip to the Newport Beach dentist is not likely to be the bright spot of someone’s day, but for some, it’s considerably worse than others. These are the individuals who, for one reason or another, have developed a paralyzing fear of the dentist or anyone working on their teeth.


The reasons for this sort of thing vary. In some cases, there was a traumatic episode when the person was young, while in others, it is the thought of having to deal with pain or a fear of the needle that bothers them. Still others have trouble with the sound of a dentist drill, and they flinch when they hear it.


There are ways to overcome these fears, though, and together, you and your Newport Beach dentist should be able to work through it.


Know That You’ll be in Control


Part of what some people are afraid of is the thought of sitting in a dentist’s chair and no longer being in control. For these people, the idea that they will not be able to speak while the Newport Beach dentist does whatever they want to their teeth is bothersome.


Dentists are professionals, and they’re not likely to do anything that is going to hurt you. However, it can be helpful if you work out a system with your dentist where you can give them a nonverbal cue if something feels wrong or if you want them to stop.


That might be an eye blink or a hand gesture. If you have this system set up beforehand, it will probably make you feel better about what is happening.


Bring Someone Along


For those who have an aversion to dentists, the thought of facing this challenge alone can be part of what is deterring them.


Find a friend or a relative who is willing to go with you. They can sit in the waiting room, or if you feel you need it, they can even come and sit in the office with you as your appointment is happening. If that is what it takes for you to feel comfortable, a Newport Beach dentist should allow it.


Take Breaks


If it has been a long time since you’ve been to the dentist, there is no need to rush through the process. Your dentist will know that the experience is stressful for you, so they should allow you to take frequent breaks while the tooth cleaning is happening. That way, you can ease your way into it, and it won’t seem like an insurmountable obstacle for you.


Adults can be just as prone to phobias as children are, and fear of the dentist is a widespread one. Your Newport Beach dentist should be understanding of your plight, and they should be able to come up with a system that you find acceptable. In time, hopefully, you will trust your dentist, and you will no longer be afraid of going to see them.