Healthy and sparkling teeth are forever considered the biggest blessings. They not only add value to your being but also makes the job of chewing food quicker.  It is said that diligence in oral hygiene is the cornerstone of a healthy smile.

In maintaining the health and shine of the teeth, brushing and flossing the teeth at least twice a day is needed. Regular visits to your dentist in Newport Beach is also a must. However, there are many things we do which put all efforts into a downward spin. Here are the most common but damaging behaviors that may affect your teeth:

Using the Wrong Toothbrush.  A toothbrush that is too hard can cause your gums to recede.  Abrasions may also damage the dental root surfaces. Using a soft-bristled, or medium high-quality brush is recommended.

Forceful brushing may irritate gums, hurt the teeth and may also damage the roots of the teeth.

Nail Biting. This nervous habit uses “parafunctional”  bite force which can wear down the teeth. It can also cause small fractures and chips.

Crunching and Sucking. Biting cold and brittle things can leave microscopic cracks or linear fractures on your teeth.

Eating food that is too cold is harmful to the teeth and weakens the enamel which may result to major teeth problems.

Excessive Mouth Dryness. Saliva is essential for the teeth. It contains some minerals which ensure the protection of your teeth.  Moreover, the presence of saliva neutralizes the acidity of the mouth that deteriorates enamel.Dry mouth severely affects your teeth and multiplies the risks of bad breath, tooth decay, and enamel erosion.

Biting Hard Objects. Teeth are designed for eating, not for tearing off clothing, ripping plastic food bags or unscrewing tops of bottles, so avoid doing these things as it will cause fractures, chips, and cracks.

Sugary foods and drinks are oral bacteria’s favorite food. They produce cavity-causing acid when they digest sugars.

Coffee and soda.  If you are sipping these liquids throughout the day, it bathes your teeth with acid and doesn’t give saliva a chance to neutralize it.

It’s never too late to address any issue related to your smile, gums, teeth, or other oral problems. Call your dentist in Newport Beach Ca like Frank Anthony Rich, DDS, for an appointment.