Protected, Effective, and All-Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth


Most people would agree that yellow teeth aren’t appealing. The reasons for the decoloration of your teeth include irregular cleansing, age, and sometimes yellow teeth bones, these being the most common and basic reasons for your teeth yellowing. 


If you are reading this, chances are you are already tired of yellow teeth and want to get rid of your yellow smile. You’re in luck! We have a list of the best teeth whitening home remedies for helping turn your yellow teeth bright again. Notice! For those with long-stained yellow teeth, however, you should see your Newport Beach dentist.


Activated Charcoal


For those with an interest in history, you must know that activated charcoal was as poison treatment two centuries ago. Due to its unique ability activated charcoal is used as one of the key elements when making toothpaste and teeth whiteners.


Today, activated charcoal is used in pill capsules, ice cream, face masks, and more! Studies show that the natural properties of the charcoal allow it to absorb toxins and remove stains from the teeth surface while giving you whiter smiles, improving your overall oral health. It makes activated charcoal a decent alternative for removing stains brought about by substances, drinks, and tobacco. 


The DIY formula for charcoal toothpaste is sheltered to use as a natural toothpaste. Make sure you check out the product before you use it. Still confused? Reach out to your Newport Beach dentist, and he will suggest to you the best remedy!




Turmeric is a bright yellow herb that originates from the ginger plant family. You may know it as the core element that gives curry powder its yellow color. However, you might be unfamiliar with the fact that it’s been recognized as a healing herb in natural Ayurvedic medicine for over 5,000 years!


There is not much research available that suggests turmeric’s viability as a teeth whitener. There is, however, a ton of colloquial knowledge that it successfully removes stains. Regardless of whether turmeric doesn’t brighten your teeth, it will benefit your overall oral wellbeing in the meantime.


When turmeric is blended with coconut oil and applied to the teeth, also it helps to brighten them. The coconut oil strips away the cavities and stain-causing biofilm, while turmeric assists in removing stains, but again this phenomenon has not been scientifically studied. Just like turmeric, coconut oil has numerous oral medical advantages. 


Whitening toothpaste:


You have likely observed toothpaste guaranteeing their brightening powers, from real brands to natural choices at your nearby stores. There is something important to note here: Whether it’s a natural or ordinary toothpaste, there’s no such thing as a brightening toothpaste. Toothpaste can’t brighten your teeth—just clean them. A few people suggest making your very own toothpaste since industrial toothpaste incorporates a wide range of chemicals like triclosan, sulfates, and fake colorings.


Stain-expelling toothbrush:


The right toothbrush can be a successful tooth brightening strategy since it can remove outward stains from teeth. The most important thing is brushing the right way, to avoid any problems related to enamel and gums.


To brush appropriately, place the brush head over a tooth with back and forth movement, enabling the bristles to clean the tooth and work their way in the middle of your teeth. When you’ve completed, move onto the following tooth. To further guarantee that you’re not over-brushing, take a stab at brushing with your non-dominant hand.


The best ways to prevent teeth stains:


The best regular teeth whiteners keep teeth from getting stained or re-yellowed in any case. There are several ways you can help shield the color of the tooth from getting stained in any case:


  1.   Drink lots of water. Drinking lots of water lessens the measure of contact staining. Specialists suggest that having a glass of water while you are drinking espresso will have less time to stain the teeth.


  1.   Swish with water after eating. Much like drinking a glass of water,  this technique can help you wash away a portion of the staining agents that generally happen in certain foods such as berries.


  1.   Avoid food and drinks that stain. Wine, tea, espresso, and foods that contain substance coloring all add to dental staining. If you want to keep up a white smile, staying away from these can be useful. Or then again, once more, at least make sure to wash them down with water.


  1.   Get treatment for bruxism. Crushing can prompt untimely aging of your teeth, so talk with your dental specialist about getting this issue handled to avoid yellowing later on. 


  1.   Wear a mouthguard during games. Like grinding, physical stress and contact can harm your teeth and likewise prompt untimely aging of the teeth and yellowing. When you are playing games or sports, make sure to secure your teeth with a mouthguard.


Regardless of which whitening strategy you pick, the most significant thing to recall is that you shouldn’t exchange oral wellbeing for cosmetic advantage.


Teeth whitening is not a treatment for any illness; instead, it is entirely for cosmetic purposes, and that fine. Ensure you are picking a strategy that will keep your mouth sound, and that you hold your desires to a sensible dimension.


Besides the natural solutions referenced here, counteracting staining and untimely yellowing is the ideal approach to secure the normal shade of your teeth.


Still not convinced? The most secure and best approach to brighten teeth as I would see it is through custom-assembled teeth brightening plate from your Newport Beach dentist. While not a common decision, they give the best outcomes and are probably not going to do any damage to your teeth.