Are you having a dental appointment with your Newport Beach dentist soon? Sit back, and relax while your dentist performs the oral examination. Getting the best treatment involves more than just routine inspections and cleaning. Make the most out of your first-ever appointment by asking your dentist the following questions. 


What can I do for maintaining good oral health?

The information your Newport Beach dentist will give you while monitoring your teeth will surprise you. For example, damaged enamel may indicate an acidic diet and cause unnecessary stress on the teeth. Gingivitis and tartar may show improper brushing or flossing.

Even your breath speaks volumes; a foul odor may indicate tooth decay, dry mouth, or a potential health condition. Whatever your dentist finds, let them talk clearly and have them attach helpful tips and advice.

Having a clear plan for diet, hygiene, and other habits can help you avoid dental problems in the future.


Which dental products would you recommend for me?

Just as your Newport Beach dentist can guide you to avoid bad habits, he can help sure you use the right dental products. From the most effective toothbrush and toothpaste to the best floss and mouthwash, he will recommend the products that best suits you. Asking this simple question can save you from a lot of stress and confusion the next time you buy a dental care product.

Often, your dentist may even provide samples for you to try at home. You can use them and see if they work for you before you spend some money. 


Is there a dental procedure that can help protect my smile?

Perhaps the pamphlets in the waiting room have inspired your curiosity, but there may be many treatments you don’t even know about that can improve the appearance and function of your teeth and gums.

The only way to find out what makes sense to you is to ask your dentist. Even if you are happy with your smile, there is no harm in learning about possible methods, especially procedures covered (or partially covered) by insurance.


What is the latest development in the dental industry?

New research, new products, and new procedures that change dental care may benefit your mouth (and wallet). Having your dentist share the latest news will not only help you understand who is into learning new methods and procedures, but also discover new treatment opportunities that you may not have considered.

In addition to discussing the development of in-office care, dentists were asked to take a look at home preventive care technologies and trends. From oil extraction to DIY remedies, he or she can verify its effectiveness and clear any questions or concerns.


Do I need to share some important updates with my doctor?

Because your mouth has a natural connection to your overall health, your health conditions (and side effects from prescription drugs) are often revealed in your teeth, tongue, and gums.

Communicating oral complications and symptoms to your doctor may help detect and resolve specific health issues accurately and effectively. Similarly, when you share your medical history with your dentist, it may affect his or her treatment and your eligibility for particular procedures.


Building rapport with your dentist

Talking to your dentist is an easy way to relax during your visit while providing an opportunity, to be honest and open to your dental needs and concerns.

To make sure your discussions are as productive as possible, try to take some time to do some research and note any critical issues in preparation for your visit.

If you are walking into the dental clinic as a nervous patient, your conversation with the dentist will help you relax and address all the worries you had before.