Taking off your braces is a huge change, and everyone notices your bright, bracketless smile!

Unless they are lucky, often people have to wear braces for at least 18 months. Even some kids have to wear braces for all four years of high school – which is a really long time. When you take off your braces, you may have already forgotten what it feels like not to wear them. Once the dentist removes your braces, you will experience almost the same feeling which you had at the time of getting your braces. In most of the cases, the adjustment period will be exactly the same. 

When you get your braces off, you will notice any of the following symptoms if not all: 

  1.   Calluses

When your braces are removed, you might notice calluses inside your lips. It is one of the significant symptoms you’ll notice particularly if you have metal braces. The sensitive skin inside your lips develop calluses. They develop pretty quickly if it’s your first time to get braces. You won’t notice them until the braces are removed but don’t worry! These will eventually disappear.

  1.   Even teeth

Finally, you have even teeth. Congratulations! Although you may already be able to feel your teeth lined up and see your smile has changed. When your braces are removed, you will be able to see how beautiful your smile is – making you more confident than you were before! 

It can completely change your appearance and personality, especially if you have only seen your teeth with brackets for the past two one or two years. 

  1.   Eating is strange 

After being used to eating your food with braces, it can be very strange to eat without them.  You can take as many bites of the apple as you can and eat the French fries without worrying about pulling out a sharp piece off the braces. Chewing gum, chewy candy, and other sticky foods are not a problem again. Yay! Because you have avoided your favorite meals for a long time, it would be exciting to start adding these foods back to your diet again. The dietary freedom that comes with getting your braces off is always thrilling. 

  1.   Brushing and flossing

Flossing and brushing are much easier now. The good news is, you don’t need any special flossing contraptions! It is much easier for you to floss and brush without any obstacles. Without wires and brackets, it’s easier to keep your teeth clean. 

Minimizing obstacles and keeping your mouth clean is a breeze, but you cannot guarantee it every time especially since your mouth no longer have any metal contraptions anymore, and you have started eating whatever food you crave. That’s why it is essential to brush your teeth thoroughly and floss your mouth regularly.

  1.   Tender teeth

Your orthodontist normally uses some force to remove the brackets and all the glue from your mouth. Although there is no injury involved, you may notice that your teeth and gums are a little tender when you come home from your brace-removal procedure.

The feeling of getting off your braces is no different than the feeling you get during wire adjustment. After you get your braces off, you should remember that it is still not the best time to pop into a jawbreaker.

  1.   Discoloration

You may have straightened teeth, but it is challenging to keep the teeth white and shiny at the same time. Your teeth may be a bit yellow – but that is not a problem. It’s nothing that a dentist Newport Beach can’t solve. 

Sometimes you might also notice some calcification. It is favorable for the teeth (because it means you are getting enough calcium and the teeth are healthy), but you may not like the look of it. If that’s the case, talk to the nearest orthodontist about these spots.

  1.   Follow up appointment

Once you get your braces off, your treatment is not yet over. You may have another appointment with your dentist Newport Beach to ensure that your retainers are adequately mated and that your teeth are in perfect alignment. Most people wear their retainers indefinitely to prevent their teeth from moving back into their improper place again. A word of warning: always use your retainers. If you don’t wear it often, you may notice that it would feel tight or slightly unsuitable when you put it back again. That is because your teeth are starting to deviate from alignment and you don’t want that to happen!

  1.   Additional treatment

Although many patients walk away with their retainers with a beautiful, straight smile, some may still need other orthodontic treatments. The braces are not always the endpoint of your orthodontic treatment. Some patients even have other problems that can only be solved with gaskets, partial brackets, or other solutions.

  1.   Settling

Your teeth may settle. If you don’t have brackets and wires to hold them in place, your teeth may shift even if you wear the holders diligently. Don’t worry – they’ll settle down. This is a natural and expected part of getting your braces off. It always gets better in time!

  1.   Beautiful smile!

Everyone notices your bright, bracketless smile! Taking off your braces is a huge change. Your friends and family will notice that. Especially now, everyone will see how beautiful your even teeth look.

If you want to get on or get off braces, then call a dentist Newport Beach like F. Anthony Rich, DDS for professional orthodontic treatment.